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usness and joy of humanitjmmjnhbg yunlong123 4 05/22
Lookin for bff with benefits in Tampa Florida ... rbkisha 14 05/03
any bi girls looking for a couple near sac ... EmandAnth 26 05/03
Couple seeking single bi female nyc Queenbellaa 13 05/02
Bi curios Funsize1016 39 04/29
bi-curious f, straight m, lookin 4 bi f (SE ... butterfly0312 19 04/27
I'm a slutiivi tramps 48 04/18
The anticipation begins curiousjsd73 51 04/13
It went well and the best is yet to come curiousjsd73 54 04/12
First date with a man, very excited curiousjsd73 64 04/09
wanting to try female 3some removed_simpleguy2002_130441693 77 03/23
wanting an old fasioned gang banging im open ... tramps 60 03/21
Being Bisexual means you're never at a loss ... LuvsKitty1963 65 03/20
Im n love with a Swedish gurl removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 26 03/18
Gurl at local store removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 34 03/18
BANG, BANG removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 26 03/18
being bi... hella special.. dont b shy... removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 53 03/18
seeking a single bi female♥ baby_00 118 03/16
being asked to be varified removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 39 03/14
Is life like a box of assorted chocolates?? ... removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 12 03/14
I believe everyone fantasizes about being b ... removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 89 03/14
married bi female seeking a single bi female ... removed_blondiegurl45_130461177 85 03/14
Now sway505 21 03/13
ready kellyjoly40 51 02/23
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I believe everyone fantasizes ...
Gurl at local store
seeking a single bi female ...
married bi female seeking ...
wanting to try female 3som ...
Being Bisexual means you're ...
First date with a man, very ...
wanting an old fasioned ...

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