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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 03:35 PM

Dear sisters, and brothers, and queers,

I am a post-operative transsexual woman. I am counted among the letter "T" in LGBTQ.  What is the difference between a transgender woman and a transsexual woman?  Both fall on a scale of the clinically determined condition  called "gender dysphoria".  Dysphoria is a greek word meaning unhappy about self.  There are many kinds of dysphoria which the reader might endure such as weight dysphoria, skin-color dysphoria, nose-size dysphoria, etc.  These dysphorias are not simply a casual dislike of self, but an intense neurological abnormal condition that psychotherapy cannot correct.  Gender dysphoria is the profound dislike of one's genitals and at-birth gender assignment.  Among transsexual women the dysphoria is so intense that the suicide ideation rate is 49% in the clinical population.

Suicide ideation is a seriously dangerous psychological condition when all automatic self-protection mechanisms in one's mind are turned off.  In my case and when still hiding my true self, I recall suddenly thinking that the solution to all my troubles, internal conflict, and intense emotinal pain could be solved by killing myself.  Furthermore, I could not understand why I had not thought of the idea before as a seemingly obvious and simple solution to my problems.  On two occasions I struggled in such a condition for hours, and thankfully survived.  After the first episode I was profoundly frightened by what I experienced and was on guard every day to seek a happy place as my only weak remedy.  The true root cause of the ideation was living two identities at one time - a psycho-schism.  Finally on the ultimate day, I found the inner strength to fight my inner fears and coming out was as simple as sending text messages to my closest loved ones. The schism and ideation were gone, but gender dysphoria did not subside and actually intensified as a conflict to living my life as my authentic transfemale self.

Thus the clinical differential diagnosis between transgender and transsexual is someone that is so gender dysphoric that suicide is likely. In the case of transsexual gender dysphoria, the only known medical correction for the most extreme case is sex change surgery (aka. Sex Reassignment Surgery - SRS, or Gender Reassignment Surgery - GRS, etc.). Someone with less severe forms may be not so clinically depressed, and may express gender "fluidity", and other manifestations of gender dysphoria.  I urge anyone that has been experiencing suicide ideation to contact the National LGBTQ Suicide Hotline listed below.   I am pleased to report that my SRS was entirely successful both surgically and neurologically as I am now cured of my gender dysphoria and I am filled with peace and joy in my heart, and for the very first time in my life. 

Baci e Abbracci,

***Remember Pulse, Orlando FL USA - June 12th, 2016 ***

(Note: The site administration removed all hotline phone numbers and URLs - not a positive policy)

These statements and comments are my opinion. I am not a licensed psychologist. Seek professional care if you are a danger to yourself.
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Posted on Jun 01, 2017 at 04:20 PM

I know this information is available elsewhere, but it was really generous of you to your knowledge>
Thank you.

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