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Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 08:06 AM

Dear sisters, brothers, and queers,

I really like this site as it is functional and well trafficked by mature women, and it seems not a single catfish/faker/scammer.  I have met only one other lady and in my neighborhood, and need to keep trying to meet more.  It seems that most of my sisters herein are too shy or fearful to react to my winks and likes and activity comments.  If they had a private messaging service, then perhaps they would return the outreach.  In my opinion, perhaps the fear of being outed is one of the major obstacles.  Signing up for Premium membership and the private messaging service would leave a financial record to be explained to a spouse or S.O.  So what is a newbie to do?  Thankfully, the site has an important tool to bridge the gap between standard and premium membership to help us decide on paying for the Premium service.


Take some baby steps towards courage to live your life with authenticity.

Each activity posting to the site whether profile, status, forum, or blog has the comment utility.  Anyone can immediately comment and without delay from the site censors (except the general profile comment).  Wherever you see a Like button, then associated Comment field is uncensored, but please do be polite as the block/report feature is very effective against bad behavior.  So this has a similar effect as the premium messaging service, but the difference is the level of privacy.  Comments can be seen by anyone if they dig deep enough, but you are trying to bridge the gap between repression and liberty of your inner self, so how can we not take such a small risk?  I have been trying the profile photo comments as an uncensored channel to communicate to ladies my interest and desire for GTKY meet up.  Commenting on profile photos are uncensored, semi-private, immediate, and do not roll off to oblivion like the activities feed.  Go ahead and try commenting on one of my profile photos now!

For those with multiple profile photos, may I suggest that your "first" photo include a comment of your own that lets others know your interest in comments as a semi-private channel.  Include whether you permit comments, the desired information or instructions for private communications.  Note that standard memberships permit a "private" album, with controlled access, and therefore a channel of greater privacy limited to your inner circle of friends.  Your comment on your own photo is censored, but comments from others are not, it seems to me.

This is an easy small step towards liberating your true inner self and putting a crack in the wall of inner fear we have erected to repress ourselves, in my humble opinion.

Baci e Abbracci

***Remember Pulse, Orlando FL USA - June 12th, 2016 ***

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