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Posted on Jan 01, 2018 at 12:08 PM

Tapping at self-awareness through sex witchery seems the way to go more and more to me these days. It feels like a powerful return. These days I'm imagining a lot of things, but a bi-man who wanted to practice getting deep into magic with me seems pretty hot. Chanting ...


Another idea I am fond of is practicing sharing sex with a mature couple. I love the way the energy flows in a threesome when it's happening. Trust and communication skills are often tested - and the resulting transformation is often deep. I personally have been very happy performing with another man for a woman, and like when the woman is in control. I have not ever tried a 3 way within the context of pagan worship, but I would.


I am available here for all kinds of conversations, discussions, and friendships. I've been pulled away from my bi side for too long, and would enjoy connecting here with bi people of all types and minds. 

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