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    bisexual men dating

    Dating bisexual men is still considered abnormal. Our society seems to have less prejudice towards various kinds of relationships, but it is still not enough. When a man is in a relationship with a bisexual woman, it is seen as attractive and arousing. Meanwhile, when a woman is dating a bisexual man, it is seen as unhealthy and disturbing.

    A major LGBT Survey, by Pew Research Center, showed only 9% of bisexuals are in serious same-sex relationships. The majority, 84% to be exact, are in serious opposite-sex relationships. The explanation for this is pretty simple – 96% of our population identifies as straight. Therefore, it is much more likely for a bisexual man to meet a straight woman, instead of another bisexual man. These numbers help us understand the situation slightly better.

    By the way, there are special websites for bisexual and bicurious.

    Unexpected Impressions after Dating Bisexual Men

    It turns out that most women who experienced being in relationships with bisexual men, discovered they were better lovers, partners, and fathers. These men were much more open in all areas of life, including sexually. They were also willing to question numerous misogynistic views of what a man was supposed to be like. And they were more eager to split parenting in half and share home-related responsibilities with women equally, than heterosexual men usually are. By being more comfortable with their own vulnerability, they were more responsive to the same trait in the women they were with.

    Some women mentioned having agreements to remain in open relationships with their partners, if those other people were of the same sex. So, a man could have an affair with another man, while still being with a woman, but he was not allowed to be with another woman. It may sound uncomfortable for some, but it works perfectly well for others. Again, bisexual men are said to be much more interested in various experiments and unconditional approaches, which many women appreciate.

    Backlash Towards Women Dating Bisexual Men

    It turns out that when it comes to dating bisexual men, women struggle quite a bit. Not only do representatives of their environment criticize them, they are also judged by representatives of queer communities. Especially gay men, who blamed them for “going on our territory” and “stealing our men”. These women found sources like online bisexual dating guides very helpful when it came to dealing with these situations.

    Many women had to deal with negative reactions from their friends and relatives, towards their relationships. They were accused of having something extremely wrong with them, if a bisexual man was interested in such a relationship. On top of that, people made assumptions, that bisexual men would cheat more easily than heterosexual men. Being loyal depends on numerous traits in a person, and sexuality is definitely not one of them.

    Women who had unsuccessful relationships with bisexual men, pointed out they had no idea about the sexuality of their partners-to-be at the beginning. Finding out later caused discomfort and concern. However, women who knew right away and did not see anything wrong with it, stated that, for the most part, they had healthy and happy relationships, despite all the stigma from society.

    In order for bisexual men to be able to be open about their sexuality, we need to get rid of numerous stereotypes about sexuality that still exist. It seems coming out as a gay is now easier than for bisexual men, who are less understood.

    In general, it is clear we all need a capability to open up to something that is unusual and new to us. There should be less emphasis on sexuality as a whole and more general acceptance towards all people.

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