19 hours

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Posted on Sep 27, 2014 at 09:50 PM Total posts: 2

19 hours…


We met at 4… we had not seen each other for two weeks and two days, we made it to the hotel room, kissed and made love for two hours, we drank water, the bar was not open… I brushed my tousled hair and w e went to the pub at 6, I had three glasses of wine my companion had two beers and a voddy and redbull. We went to the off-licence and bought a bottle of sparkling rose wine, cant think for the life of me what it was called, but it was lovely, very dry, just the way I liked it and a bottle of white wine and two glasses, oh and a corkscrew.


Back to the hotel where we drank the rose wine chatted fucked and played, then off to dinner must have been about 9 by now I think, but I had some wine before we met at 4 so things are a little hazy now…


We went to a lovely Turkish restaurant, more wine. Pinot Grigio, Pasqua, The Pasqua brothers are a formidable team and are the last winery operating within Verona city. Zingy acidity and soft sunny fruit


We ate food! We shared Sigara börek Home made pastry with feta cheese and parsley my companion had Kuzu Sis Lamb chunks cooked on charcoal served with rice. I had Ispanakli Tavuk Thinly beaten chicken fillets delicately filled with spinach and cheese served with rice, which so yummy, I fancy it again now. Time was getting on and the waiters were putting up the chairs about us. We trotted back to the hotel. Now things are really hazy! I know we opened the second bottle of wine from the offy, as we both struggled with the crappy corkscrew, much hilarity over that! (Discussing over breakfast this morning, both of us had a blank on these few hours, we assume we talked (we do talk a lot and giggle) and fucked, but equally we could just slept, although half a bottle of wine was gone this morning!). There was a struggle taking my contact lenses out, and I went to sleep with one still in.


I awoke at about 4am fished out that tricky contact lens and aroused my partner and we fucked and played for a few hours again. Drifted off into blissful sleep, I awoke at about 8, had to go to the bathroom, where upon my return, what had been my sleeping partner awoke and pounced upon me, more fun and games, finally at 8.45 my tummy was rumbling away and breakfast called.


A look in the mirror my hair was like a blonde Russell Brand (I wonder if that’s how he does his hair?), why does my hair get so fucking knotty? Five minutes of trying to tame the blonde mane, found us eating an English breakfast together, I swigged my two cups of milky tea, that I always drink. My lover surprised at the fact I have two sugars in it, his tea looked yukky, no sugar and bearly any milk. We chatted about the previous night and the fact neither of us could recall the same missing hours, funny.


I was now feeling rather tired (I wonder why?) Back up to the room for a power nap, the curtains opened the grey, white clouds passing swiftly by the window. He massaged my tired back, clothes off again more time to make love, no sleep, no music just the sound of us breathing and the birds outside the window, bliss.


10.30 my phoned peeped, time to go home. He drove me in his rather beautiful Lotus (or skateboard, as he calls it), the end of a wonderful time. I picked up the children and ferried them home in the ‘Babymobile’ a very tired mummy, a long hot bath, took off all my makeup, washed my hair with extra conditioner! Now here I sit with a smile on my face, wet hair, tired eyes, achy legs and a glass of  Cava as I recall the last, fucking fantastic nineteen hours.


Flimmy x x




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