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Being Bisexual means you're never at a loss for a date

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Posted on Mar 20, 2015 at 10:34 PM Total posts: 2

I love women.

Had those worde been uttered by a man, it wouldn't raise an eyebrow, but to hear the words coming from my mouth, a woman, and a scandal erupts. I have been bi since my teens, seventeen to be exact. I have openly dated both men and women over the years. I came out to my family at the age of 22 when a woman I was dating decided she wanted to get serious. I knew I wasn't gay ,I like men too much. I hadn't really tried to hide the fact that I was seeing a woman, I just didn't announce it to everyone I met. When my girlfriend came out as a lesbian, I came out as Bi.

It was the beginning of a life spent straddling both worlds.

Whoever said "Being Bisexual means you're never at a loss for a date" lied!

I think it's harder to find a date! The Lesbian community has an unwritten rule about not dating Bi women. The most common comment is that they don't want to be cheated on with a man, as if being cheated on with a woman is any less painful... It's Cheating! When I was single I played with couples as the ever elusive Unicorn. Now that I am in a relationship I don't have that option. My guy is great, he understands. I am allowed to play with any woman I want just as long as he gets a sexy bedtime story. I love him for the freedom he gives me and I want to share my pleasure with him. 

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