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Newly Single?..Separated in ways? IDK

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So here is the deal: I met this woman. I fell in love. I got married. Now she is telling me she may love or be in love with someone else. She has to think things through and see who she wants to be with.

Meanwhile here I am, confused and feeling betrayed. Here I am heartbroken and sad.

Anyway, the point is: We decided to be friends for now until she can figure out what she wants. Well What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Just sit around and wait or find people who can at least be friends with me...maybe more in the future...

I am so confused. I decided to reach out yet again and hopefully I will find some understanding friends at the very least. Otherwise, maybe...if she decides to leave me forever, maybe I can find someone to start over with.

What are yall's views on this situation?

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Now she premananetly broke up with me and left me for the other lady.