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    My husband and I are completely in love and extremely sexual people-  the attraction that we have between us is fuking mind blowing. This past summer we started on a new path toward uncovering our desires, thus rediscovering our sexuality and sharing our most intimate fantasies like never before. We started by dabbling with role play, using more toys, watching a fuk load of porn and then creating an account with a site much like this ...

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Room 212: Down the Rabbit Hole Posted on Jul 14, 2015 at 05:23 PM

This is the second part of a two-part encounter/fantasy


“Follow me…” The scent of her perfume is intoxicating as you follow closely behind her like a little puppy dog. You can’t help but notice her long, wavy auburn hair and big, beautiful hazel eyes. She’s rocking black satin trimmed thigh highs, a black, underbust corset with a slinky, black sheer top- you could see her beautiful breasts and hard nipples right through it, so hot. You can’t stop staring at her cleavage, and damn, her legs go on forever.
She stops you mid-step, turns around and whispers, “Close your eyes.” She pulls your hair away from your face and begins to gently kiss your forehead, then your eyelids, moves down to your cheeks and finally, her soft lips press against yours. She slides her tongue into your mouth, her tongue wrestling with yours. She then steps back and whispers, “Do you trust me?” At this point, you can do nothing but nod an emphatic YES. She pins you up against the wall and raises your hands over your head, and starts to kiss you passionately- (her lips are so amazing, so this is what it’s like to kiss a woman, wow….) “Leave your arms up, don’t move,” she commands. You feel something soft slide up your thigh, across your waist and up toward your face- it’s something silky and soft. “What is that?” you wonder…you feel the fabric glide over your breasts, then slide across your lips and over your eyes. She whispers again, in a low, sexy tone. “Do you trust me? Are you ready?” Again, all you can do is nod. Your heart is racing as your lips purse into a naughty grin, “I think I’m going to like this,” you say ….“Oh, you will….” she replies as she reaches out and takes hold of your hands again, this time guiding you further into the room. You let out a soft sigh as she slowly leads you further down into the rabbit hole. You're thinking, “I can’t believe this is really happening!” You wonder where he is, and just as the thought passes your mind, his deep, sultry voice greets you, “Hello beautiful. So you’re the one she’s been bringing into our fantasies.” “Very nice choice, my love,” he says to her, “you’re right, she is stunning.” He whispers in your ear, “Have you ever had an orgasm so intense, that if you died at that moment, it would have been worth it?” You’re thinking, “What the fuck, I came twice already, and we’re just getting started!”
By this time, you could feel your body start to give in and your inhibitions melt away. He kisses the back of your hand and reassures you that it’s ok to let yourself go, “We’ll make this a night you’ll never forget.” At this point, you feel your soaking, wet pussy dripping all over your panties. Your mind begins to wonder about what’s in store for you. Then, their hands start caressing and undressing you, while they take turns whispering in your ears...his voice, deep and rugged, hers sweet and sexy as hell. Your body is melting in their hands, you feel their hot breath around your neck, face and breasts. You are breathing so deeply, shuddering at every slight touch, letting out subtle moans and sighs, as they map your body with their tongues and finger tips.
By this time, your clothes are strewn across the hotel room floor. You are up against the wall, with one mouth kissing your thighs and legs, the other lingering over your neck and breasts. Still blindfolded, your body succumbs to their every whim and you begin to melt along the wall down toward the floor. You’re startled as your wet pussy lips are met by their mouths. As your juices drip down your thighs, they carefully skim your body making sure they capture and savor every last drop of you –because like a fine wine, not a single drop should be left behind…

To be continued…..
Let us know your thoughts & comments. We just started writing our own erotica and love it!

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Room 212 Posted on Jul 03, 2015 at 06:33 PM



Imagine this...You’re a single woman who never had any interest in deviating from the norm. You were always a straight arrow, doing what was expected of you, although deep inside you felt like something was missing. Recently, at your new job, you started noticing one of your co-workers, but here’s the kicker, it’s a she. “Man is she hot. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I that desperate? Has it been that long?” You’ve always had steady boyfriends, but the last “winner” made you look at things a little differently. He was obsessed with the thought of having you hook up with another woman. “Hell no” you told him over and over again. After you broke up with Einstein, you started catching yourself noticing certain aspects of a woman’s body. The way they twirl their hair, the texture of their skin- smooth and silky, the feminine qualities that you never really noticed before. One woman, in particular, began to tickle your fancy. You sensed an attraction to her that you just couldn’t ignore. Each day, the flirtation between the two of you became a little more intense. “I can’t believe this is happening,” you thought to yourself, “Has she been watching me?” Is she flirting with me?” So many seductive glances from across the room, you wonder, “Can she see right through me?” You’re usually not attracted to women, but something about her keeps you up at night wondering what it would feel like to kiss her soft lips. The slightest touch of her hand made you feel like a little school girl around her first crush. You didn’t want to make assumptions or embarrass yourself, what if you were wrong? OMG! What if you were seeing what you wanted to see and not what was actually there.

You were caught off guard when she approached you after catching you staring at her. She smiled and playfully said, “You’re so cute, I’d love for you to join me and my husband for drinks at a burlesque performance we’re attending this weekend, only if you’re free and up for something out of the ordinary.” In your mind, you’re screaming “YES! –play it cool bitch, don’t say something dumb and fuck this up,” but the words that come out are, “I’ll let you know.” Another sly smile and a wink, “Ok,” she replied. You couldn’t help but watch her as she walked away. You thought “If she turns around, then that could only mean that she’s into me.” Right before she stepped into her office, she turned around and smiled at you. Holy shit, your intuition was right on. You felt a little more confident, but now the question is, what are you getting into? She’s married! What are you going to wear? Should you get something sexy? You think to yourself, “ménages à trois?” You’ve never thought of this scenario with a couple. The thought was so tantalizing and erotic that you had to go to the ladies room to wipe the moisture from your little peach.  

Fast forward a little bit….The performance was so exhilarating and sexy and sensual and funny, all at the same time. You never thought you’d ever go to a place like that, let alone with a co-worker and her charming husband. You were really nervous about how it would all play out, but the night went smoothly- everyone seemed to hit it off. After the show, they walked you to your car. Half way there, she reached out and grabbed your hand, and smiled, while he grabbed the other. You couldn’t help but blush- they got a kick out of that and thought you were absolutely adorable. So, you finally get to the car and she whispers the name of a hotel into your ear. “We’re heading there now.” She gives you a long, deep kiss on the lips. You get into your car, knowing what you want, but still feeling like you are about to do something wrong. “Fuck it….” You map the address and head over. Your thoughts start wondering as you drive on auto pilot. “OMG! I can’t believe this is happening!” you scream out loud. “This is crazy…yes, ok, go for it, do it….no,no, don’t do it…then your phone buzzes. It’s them, the message reads….

 You finally arrive at the hotel, it was only a couple of miles, but seemed like it was a drive across the country. You jump out of your car, scared and excited, and make your way through the lobby. As you make your way down the corridor- the anticipation of what is about to happen has you shaking, you could literally feel your heart beating outside your chest. The hallway goes on for what seems like forever.  “God damn it, what is this the hallway scene from the Shining? Where is this fucking room?” Finally, THE DOOR. You take a deep breath…“Fuck, here goes nothing….” Two gentle knocks and the door swings open. There she stood, all dolled up, her outfit seemed to barely touch her skin. “WOW!” -you think to yourself, but the only thing that blurts out of your mouth is “hey, so what are you guys up to?” you sound like such an idiot UGH!!! She gives me a little smile and invites me in, “we’re so glad that you decided to join us.” Now your heart is beating a million beats per second. She asks you if you’re a little nervous, but she already knows the answer to that.  “Follow me…” The scent of her perfume is intoxicating as you follow closely behind her like a little puppy

Pssst....Let Me Tell You a Secret Posted on Jun 19, 2015 at 06:44 PM

Hello all....hello Friday night....hey hey hey.....sitting here in my pretty unmentionables with my man....felt like sharing one of our erotic, as mentioned in our profile, we have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to sex. One night a few months back we were planning our second outing with my girlfriend....we decided to pay a visit to our favorite novelty shop, looking for a little something to bring along for the ride as we were meeting up at a bar to hang for a bit....after perusing, we decided on a pair of remote controlled vibrators. I put our naughty gift in a cute little bag and gave it to her when we settled in. She had a good laugh and soon we were off to the little girls room to test run our new toy. The unwrapping  and giggling as we opened the packages was comical, but hot. I wanted to get into the stall with her, but damn those straight girls running in and out, lol....once we had the little eggs in place between our legs, I pushed the button...bzzzz, off went both vibrators! So, one remote controlled both!!! A few more zaps and giggles,and we knew it was going to be an interesting eveninng, to say the least. Back to the bar we went, telling my hubby what we discovered, laughing all the way. We handed over the remotes and daddy had fun all night zapping us. Our reactions were priceless..we didn't care if anyone noticed our bodies contorting as our clits were being zapped unexpectedly. We left the bar giggling all the way to our cars. time to get to business...we drove to our hotel room...she and I went up to the room first, while hubby parked the car...we zapped each other a few more times...put them on the dresser and laughed some more as they started buzzing on the dresser....hubby still had a remote! We knew he was close- 25 foot radius you see...he walked in and we shared why we were cracking forward...she was leaning on her side, her cleavage just calling to me. Hubby was in the shower, I couldn't resist her tits so I went in for a kiss.....omg, .kissing a woman is so sensual. ...we went at it for some time, hubby walked in and just watched for a bit. We kissed, hair flipping, hands caressing, clothing flying thus way and that. The rest is a blur of ecstasy. ..kissing, licking, touching, petting, undressing....quite a romp we got ourselves into. Before I knew it, I was between her legs and hubby was between mine. He bent me over and put himself inside of me while I used my vibrator on her....the moaning, the juices flowing down our thighs. hot...the things pornos are made of....our romp went on for hours. And then their two tongues were going down on me...omg!!! Amazing!!! In between our kinky fuckery, we chatted, rehydrated, cuddled and continued on with our amazing journey until the break of dawn....then she had to go, she was married you hubby and I continued on with our own hot session of passionate sex, talking dirty about what we just experienced together until we got the check out call.....Until next time we thought. ...

If you enjoyed this snapshot of our night, please comment on or like this post....we'd love your feedback....might just tell you about the next session. ...xoxo

Bi? Who me? Well......maybe, a little, I think.... Posted on Jun 14, 2015 at 03:22 PM

Where to begin........

My husband and I are madly in love and are extremely sexual and creative behind closed doors. This past summer we began to experiment with our sexuality in new ways. From role play and soft core bondage, to using more toys and watching a shit load of porn, we decided to create an account with a site much like this one. I have always known that I'm attracted to certain types of women, which my husband always knew about me too, but I never felt comfortable admitting to myself completely. My husband experimented before we met and now he was giving me the go ahead to not miss out on that experience. I had many inner battles about whether the way I felt was "right" or "wrong." "We've always lived our lives by our rules, so why should this time be different?" - my husband said to me.....he is a wise man....and a great lover... his mouth, his tongue... mmmmm I could go on....but, I We had fun exploring our fantasies and flirting with people online, then, after some time searching, we met her. Our personalities clicked just know when you find the type of person you're looking for. Once we became comfortable, we met for our first encounter....and then another.....and then another. Each time was more erotic than the last. I felt such a sense of elation in finally being able to let go of my inhibitions and accept that I am attracted to both sexes. We both fulfilled a fanatsy of ours together- I got to experience the sensuality of being with a woman and my husband got to see two women go at it, one being his wife... not to say that he didn't particpate in some of the events... With that all said and done, no regrets. We are closer than we've ever been and the sex is fuking amazing! Most importantly, I have finally come to know and accept myself, no matter what others may think. Label me bisexual or whatever, but labels are rediculous. People want who they want and that's it. As Madonna said most eloquently; "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."

On that note, my fellow bloggers and kinky fuks, just be whoever you want to be and let the games begin!