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Gurl at local store

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So everytime I go into the local store, there is this gurl always calling me baby, honey, sexy... I have never said anything much back to her.... I'm not real sure how to take her... I don't know if she may talk to all day way... Here sum people r like DAT, just being friendly... I don't know if I should break my stride an say something or leave it alone...Help... Input would be great!!!!

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I am clueless when other women flirt with me. I am one of those people who talks to just about anyone and since I suck at remembering names, they all are called sweetie, honey etc. The best way to find out is to strike up a conversation with her. Next time you are there, pick up a random item and ask her about it, introduce yourself and ask her name. Tell her you noticed how friendly/cute/helpful she is and check her reaction. You'll have expressed interest without "outing" yourself. If she responds favorably then you can take it from there, if not, you haven't lost anything.

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Actually it is flattering in a very weirdo way... She doesn't speak to everyone, as she does me when I go in.... But I'm not so far as being that outspoken in public, as apparently she is to me... Idk... I have never said anything back to

 her personally... Other than hello, an the usual how are u today type conversation... She has told other people I know that she thinks I'm so cute....

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