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Bi? Who me? Well......maybe, a little, I think....

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1 year ago

Where to begin........

My husband and I are madly in love and are extremely sexual and creative behind closed doors. This past summer we began to experiment with our sexuality in new ways. From role play and soft core bondage, to using more toys and watching a shit load of porn, we decided to create an account with a site much like this one. I have always known that I'm attracted to certain types of women, which my husband always knew about me too, but I never felt comfortable admitting to myself completely. My husband experimented before we met and now he was giving me the go ahead to not miss out on that experience. I had many inner battles about whether the way I felt was "right" or "wrong." "We've always lived our lives by our rules, so why should this time be different?" - my husband said to me.....he is a wise man....and a great lover... his mouth, his tongue... mmmmm I could go on....but, I We had fun exploring our fantasies and flirting with people online, then, after some time searching, we met her. Our personalities clicked just know when you find the type of person you're looking for. Once we became comfortable, we met for our first encounter....and then another.....and then another. Each time was more erotic than the last. I felt such a sense of elation in finally being able to let go of my inhibitions and accept that I am attracted to both sexes. We both fulfilled a fanatsy of ours together- I got to experience the sensuality of being with a woman and my husband got to see two women go at it, one being his wife... not to say that he didn't particpate in some of the events... With that all said and done, no regrets. We are closer than we've ever been and the sex is fuking amazing! Most importantly, I have finally come to know and accept myself, no matter what others may think. Label me bisexual or whatever, but labels are rediculous. People want who they want and that's it. As Madonna said most eloquently; "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."

On that note, my fellow bloggers and kinky fuks, just be whoever you want to be and let the games begin!   

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Ah very well said. Now to begin the hunt :)