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Pssst....Let Me Tell You a Secret

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Hello all....hello Friday night....hey hey hey.....sitting here in my pretty unmentionables with my man....felt like sharing one of our erotic, as mentioned in our profile, we have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to sex. One night a few months back we were planning our second outing with my girlfriend....we decided to pay a visit to our favorite novelty shop, looking for a little something to bring along for the ride as we were meeting up at a bar to hang for a bit....after perusing, we decided on a pair of remote controlled vibrators. I put our naughty gift in a cute little bag and gave it to her when we settled in. She had a good laugh and soon we were off to the little girls room to test run our new toy. The unwrapping  and giggling as we opened the packages was comical, but hot. I wanted to get into the stall with her, but damn those straight girls running in and out, lol....once we had the little eggs in place between our legs, I pushed the button...bzzzz, off went both vibrators! So, one remote controlled both!!! A few more zaps and giggles,and we knew it was going to be an interesting eveninng, to say the least. Back to the bar we went, telling my hubby what we discovered, laughing all the way. We handed over the remotes and daddy had fun all night zapping us. Our reactions were priceless..we didn't care if anyone noticed our bodies contorting as our clits were being zapped unexpectedly. We left the bar giggling all the way to our cars. time to get to business...we drove to our hotel room...she and I went up to the room first, while hubby parked the car...we zapped each other a few more times...put them on the dresser and laughed some more as they started buzzing on the dresser....hubby still had a remote! We knew he was close- 25 foot radius you see...he walked in and we shared why we were cracking forward...she was leaning on her side, her cleavage just calling to me. Hubby was in the shower, I couldn't resist her tits so I went in for a kiss.....omg, .kissing a woman is so sensual. ...we went at it for some time, hubby walked in and just watched for a bit. We kissed, hair flipping, hands caressing, clothing flying thus way and that. The rest is a blur of ecstasy. ..kissing, licking, touching, petting, undressing....quite a romp we got ourselves into. Before I knew it, I was between her legs and hubby was between mine. He bent me over and put himself inside of me while I used my vibrator on her....the moaning, the juices flowing down our thighs. hot...the things pornos are made of....our romp went on for hours. And then their two tongues were going down on me...omg!!! Amazing!!! In between our kinky fuckery, we chatted, rehydrated, cuddled and continued on with our amazing journey until the break of dawn....then she had to go, she was married you hubby and I continued on with our own hot session of passionate sex, talking dirty about what we just experienced together until we got the check out call.....Until next time we thought. ...

If you enjoyed this snapshot of our night, please comment on or like this post....we'd love your feedback....might just tell you about the next session. ...xoxo

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Mmmm how delightful such a arrousing blog tasty

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nice...glad u enjoyed it...true story

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I got wet....


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