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Room 212: Down the Rabbit Hole

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1 year ago

This is the second part of a two-part encounter/fantasy


“Follow me…” The scent of her perfume is intoxicating as you follow closely behind her like a little puppy dog. You can’t help but notice her long, wavy auburn hair and big, beautiful hazel eyes. She’s rocking black satin trimmed thigh highs, a black, underbust corset with a slinky, black sheer top- you could see her beautiful breasts and hard nipples right through it, so hot. You can’t stop staring at her cleavage, and damn, her legs go on forever.
She stops you mid-step, turns around and whispers, “Close your eyes.” She pulls your hair away from your face and begins to gently kiss your forehead, then your eyelids, moves down to your cheeks and finally, her soft lips press against yours. She slides her tongue into your mouth, her tongue wrestling with yours. She then steps back and whispers, “Do you trust me?” At this point, you can do nothing but nod an emphatic YES. She pins you up against the wall and raises your hands over your head, and starts to kiss you passionately- (her lips are so amazing, so this is what it’s like to kiss a woman, wow….) “Leave your arms up, don’t move,” she commands. You feel something soft slide up your thigh, across your waist and up toward your face- it’s something silky and soft. “What is that?” you wonder…you feel the fabric glide over your breasts, then slide across your lips and over your eyes. She whispers again, in a low, sexy tone. “Do you trust me? Are you ready?” Again, all you can do is nod. Your heart is racing as your lips purse into a naughty grin, “I think I’m going to like this,” you say ….“Oh, you will….” she replies as she reaches out and takes hold of your hands again, this time guiding you further into the room. You let out a soft sigh as she slowly leads you further down into the rabbit hole. You're thinking, “I can’t believe this is really happening!” You wonder where he is, and just as the thought passes your mind, his deep, sultry voice greets you, “Hello beautiful. So you’re the one she’s been bringing into our fantasies.” “Very nice choice, my love,” he says to her, “you’re right, she is stunning.” He whispers in your ear, “Have you ever had an orgasm so intense, that if you died at that moment, it would have been worth it?” You’re thinking, “What the fuck, I came twice already, and we’re just getting started!”
By this time, you could feel your body start to give in and your inhibitions melt away. He kisses the back of your hand and reassures you that it’s ok to let yourself go, “We’ll make this a night you’ll never forget.” At this point, you feel your soaking, wet pussy dripping all over your panties. Your mind begins to wonder about what’s in store for you. Then, their hands start caressing and undressing you, while they take turns whispering in your ears...his voice, deep and rugged, hers sweet and sexy as hell. Your body is melting in their hands, you feel their hot breath around your neck, face and breasts. You are breathing so deeply, shuddering at every slight touch, letting out subtle moans and sighs, as they map your body with their tongues and finger tips.
By this time, your clothes are strewn across the hotel room floor. You are up against the wall, with one mouth kissing your thighs and legs, the other lingering over your neck and breasts. Still blindfolded, your body succumbs to their every whim and you begin to melt along the wall down toward the floor. You’re startled as your wet pussy lips are met by their mouths. As your juices drip down your thighs, they carefully skim your body making sure they capture and savor every last drop of you –because like a fine wine, not a single drop should be left behind…

To be continued…..
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