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Wow, What a Change

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     I recently discovered I am bi and have been on the adventure of my life since. I experimented as a teen like most of us do, but I didn't consider myself bi because I was only lusting for women. I've always been open-minded and willing to try new things, so it was easy to go there with the person I was with, but I was really surprised at how wonderful an experience it was.

     Since that day I have not gone out with any women, only men, and I am really not sure I ever will go back. I have discovered a side of myself I never knew existed and it's pretty cool. I still find it difficult at times but only because of normal things that come up in any relations. It has been remarkably easy for me to make the transition so far, so I don't anticipate problems, but who knows. 

     I wish I could find the perfect couple who would like me to join them and that we could continue on with our relationship, and explore together. I still desire women but it's not the same anymore. Now I no longer feel heartbroken if one doesn't pay attention to me or want me. I used to really get offended and hurt a lot but now it's like I just don't care anymore. I have suffered at the hands of the women I've loved for years and now I feel free.

     This will be my first public statement that I anm bi, excluding joining this site. However not the first private one. For some reason I had to tell every female I know, and felt no embarrassment at all, not even when telling family. I am not ashamed of anything I do or how I feel, after all I'm human, too.

     I hope to get some people talking with me here. I'm shy and it's hard for me sometimes. But I love meeting new friends and love get togethers. I am a very passionate person in all ways and I have a strong will to succeed with all I undertake. This will be another such ending I hope. Dale.

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1 year ago

That is so wonderful :) Good for you!! :D