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Couples and others Chicago Burbs justlooking_0... 389 04/11/2006
looking for friends jennyze... 153 04/11/2006
LOLASATIN youngnfun18... 56 04/10/2006
Wanting more..... lucky... 191 04/10/2006
~*~*~*ME~*~*~*~ sexyone19... 55 04/10/2006
PA/ MD BI Looking For Fun TuffGr... 191 04/10/2006
SEEKING IN MN,WI,SD traveler... 54 04/09/2006
HELLO traveler... 27 04/09/2006
Looking for female playmate for wife mississippy4f... 157 04/08/2006
back again the bug the heck out of ya'll! chantillyla... 25 04/08/2006
why am i alone??????????? chantillyla... 154 04/08/2006
OK, Here's the deal sheplaysha... 285 04/06/2006
What the hey! sexyasbt... 39 04/06/2006
hello ladies calikitty19... 190 04/06/2006
Excited and looking for couples in Chicago ... justlooking_0... 286 04/06/2006
1st timer in Cardiff bity19... 74 04/06/2006
confessions of a size 16! chantillyla... 179 04/05/2006
the inside of me treehug... 161 04/05/2006
new male mates kemps... 168 04/05/2006
Hi guys make new mates and more kemps... 156 04/05/2006
Out to make friends playfulwit... 95 04/04/2006
Why can't i find a serious bi woman in Findlay ... sexyasbt... 62 04/04/2006
hi crystal20... 77 04/04/2006
Looking for an experience theyamahablon... 597 04/02/2006
fun in CT? avery... 71 04/02/2006
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