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Im n love with a Swedish gurl removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 41 03/18/2015
Gurl at local store removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 60 03/18/2015
BANG, BANG removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 65 03/18/2015
being bi... hella special.. dont b shy... removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 73 03/18/2015
being asked to be varified removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 57 03/14/2015
Is life like a box of assorted chocolates?? ... removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 18 03/14/2015
I believe everyone fantasizes about being b ... removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 125 03/14/2015
married bi female seeking a single bi female ... removed_blondiegurl45_1304611... 145 03/14/2015
Bi frustration BIGUYSC... 427 11/28/2014
Fun ladies need apply!! tmack... 113 10/12/2014
Bi female seeks same longleanlat... 191 09/29/2014
Wanna know what do my first time! Never tried ... Lanat... 222 06/05/2014
Anyone want to grab some drinks tonight? biker_chick... 127 04/02/2014
Lunchtime removed_Blackcherry2014_1303513... 108 12/30/2013
Hungry removed_Blackcherry2014_1303513... 74 12/29/2013
Curious Couple JennyLynn... 208 11/24/2013
Curious JennyLynn... 194 11/16/2013
Kansas bi? Kell... 38 09/24/2013
Difficult meeting women..... removed_OneLaLa_1302817... 170 04/04/2013
Erotic Tales: The Gift of Passion (Part 2) wannagettoknow... 111 02/17/2013
Erotic Tales: The Gift of Passion (Part 1) wannagettoknow... 119 02/11/2013
Erotic Tales: Multroisgamous Part 2 wannagettoknow... 49 02/03/2013
Erotic Tales: Multroisgamous Part 1 wannagettoknow... 85 02/03/2013
Down to Earth Houston couple removed_urkiddn7476_1302382... 69 11/16/2012
RI hot Bi women looking for some girl fun! flower19... 136 11/11/2012
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