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giving head bronco... 446 01/30/2014
It's my blog larry123... 91 01/18/2017
new friend Gennif... 46 10/17/2016
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What is Rice without a little Salt. Euphemi... 52 02/16/2017
Couple with bi female seeking another couple ... Lady... 213 12/29/2015
Near Lebanon, mo next week Pelicannati... 49 02/07/2017
Bi-sexual woman in NJ CountryCutie25... 149 12/06/2016
Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky? Amanda... 128 05/23/2006
What are your favorite fantasies? snowandrat... 342 05/18/2007
Looking for a good lady JasmineWilson0... 98 05/29/2016
Looking for loyal, honest women near/in. Monmouth ... CountryCutie25... 57 12/06/2016
looking for a female around ohio lusciouslu... 145 01/04/2015
Looking for new friends!! Trish19... 323 09/06/2015
Bisexual people and groups in the Milwaukee ... letswi... 108 11/12/2016
wanting an old fasioned gang banging im open ... tram... 183 03/21/2015
new friend Gennif... 98 10/17/2016
I've Upgraded to Gold sexyinbl... 121 08/19/2016
I am a newbie anyone want to be my penpal? ann2... 677 01/01/2012
Anyone looking for a BiMale in SoCal? OceanfrontC... 196 07/12/2006
Single Bi Boy in Glendale CA looking for Fu ... UCLAccounta... 95 04/30/2006
Couple looking for a woman husbandanwi... 202 01/06/2016
To Men firsttime20... 769 02/27/2007
I Want to Lose Five Pounds! sexyinbl... 38 07/13/2016
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Ladies into bi guys?
any single bi women or couples looking for a single bi guy?
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We are horny!
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