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lets get wet together...!! LUCIA1... 305 08/02/2014
In the closet seeking friendship discov... 273 09/11/2006
i want some email friends browneyes4y... 263 08/04/2010
WANTED - friends w/benie's in Los Angeles Honeysuck... 246 04/26/2006
Couple Seeking Bi girl DeBell... 224 06/11/2012
looking for a woman vsashl... 206 03/06/2013
Bay Area anyone??? SoFriendly... 193 05/14/2006
looking for a female around ohio lusciouslu... 144 01/04/2015
Still looking in manhatten Waterpl... 126 12/07/2010
so bi curious... I need it! michelle04... 113 01/29/2013
Invitation in Vermont / Bi women Giselle20... 76 07/09/2009
hot les chat wanted !!!!!!! Adeli... 513 07/04/2006
bi males wanted by female mamaigua... 501 11/02/2010
Was this a waste? RobertWa... 418 11/28/2011
Couples and others Chicago Burbs justlooking_0... 388 04/11/2006
what do i do???? lachaumo... 387 06/03/2006
Do good girls really exist?...or am I the only ... unicorn4pl... 377 01/17/2011
Newbie looking for bicouple RedJet... 359 01/09/2012
Bi Couple looking for Bi couple/man/woman in ... MrMr... 351 12/03/2012
19 yr old Bi female lookin For Bi girl ShorTyAp... 346 06/18/2006
What are your favorite fantasies? snowandrat... 341 05/18/2007
Nipple play spartan... 331 11/06/2013
anyone need a bi fem ltr?? engraved2... 326 09/28/2011
Hull guy, BI_VIRGIN needs you! peter43hu... 326 09/29/2006
Tell me, for the woman who has everything, ... loLagrr... 307 11/06/2006
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What's the Big Idea ?
Ladies into bi guys?
Kids Today
Who wants : CHAT ROOMS?
Feeling Guilty about being Bi?