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Posted on Nov 04, 2018 at 08:30 PM

I know I want this, I think about it so often. When I am out with my friends having girl night dancing and drinking, I have met women I am so attracted to, the chemistry seems so real. I find my self thinking about kissing her as we are talking, undressing her with my eyes. I have had three bi experiences, all as a threesome and each one was so incredible I hated to share. Her Skin was so soft, my hands running down the curves of her body, the way she smelled, the taste. My husband and I have talked about my feelings and we have a great sex life, but he has always known that I was Bi. He has encouraged me to pursue these feelings and have fun with it. He says get a girl friend, not interested in that but a friend with benefits is more in line. I haven’t put a picture up yet, I want to but I am worried about people with bad intentions, crazy people and dangerous people. I see so many others without there pics and think they must be fearful too I am not alone. So how do we take the first step? 

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