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  • CodyWayne ( 65, Bi-curious man / Chattanooga, TN )

    Sports Goods Stores, Adult Stores and Book Stores then Lunch so we can talk about our purchases.

  • SDot28 ( 32, Bi woman / Arlington, TX )

    Going shopping or going to the spa. Or dancing. I love to dance.

  • ShannyJ71 ( 46, Bi woman / Pontiac, MI )

    Going shopping walking around the mall holding hands an occasional kiss here and there.

  • Snowangel3550 ( 36, Bi woman / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Going out shopping for cute outfits for each other. Holding hands, and light kissing.

  • Candytwin ( 21, Bi woman / Garland, TX )

    How bout we go to the mall and then eat lunch and then play go carts and lazer tag

  • CiCiPie ( 37, Bi couple / Atlanta, GA )

    I'm a girl and I know girls love, drinks and lots of fun

  • tackyred ( 48, Bi-curious woman / Woodway, TX )

    Have a nice quite dinner alone to get to know one another. You may choose or myself the restaurant.

  • EliEli84 ( 32, Bi-curious woman / New York, NY )

    Fashion forward so a perfect date would be us shopping and getting to know ea others style Etc. :)

  • eMmA124 ( 22, Bi woman / Centerville, MA )

    Doesn't matter to me

  • Aknepp ( 38, Bi woman / Amarillo, TX )

    Want to go to the movies or mall with my girl

  • Abikknepp ( 38, Bi woman / Amarillo, TX )

    We want it to first be clean and smooth

  • prettyBiCaramel ( 30, Bi woman / Louisville, KY )

    The movies, out to eat or even a walk in the park...whatever is cool with me

  • TattooedCPL ( 37, Bi-curious couple / Airdrie, AB )

    Let's get together for coffee and get oursleves acquainted, see if there's chemistry... Maybe us girls go shopping. Later we could go for drinks, if all feels comfortable, we could see what happens from there.

  • lookingforfrinds ( 37, Bi-curious woman / Louisville, KY )

    Shopping movies go for a walk anything fun

  • glowyluvskittys ( 28, Bi woman / Inglewood, CA )

    It can be anything. Id like to go and talk somewhere maybe eatand do shopping. Thats always fun lol or watch a ovie at my houseor play arcaded.