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  • Theartist3 ( 26, Bi woman / Melksham, England - Wiltshire )

    Mediumship events, Art gallery's, Go for a good glass of wine and finally in nature for a walk and a coffee in one hand.

  • Elisheba101 ( 56, Bi woman / Las Vegas, NV )

    We would go to church and/or anything that Christians do to please God

  • manwh0r3 ( 26, Bi man / Lexington, KY )

    I'd pick you up in my POS car from 1983, that bumps and grinds until it finally breaks down in the middle of nowhere. I apologize and beg for the next 30 minutes, and generally freak you out until help arrives. Somehow...  read more >>

  • WinterWolf6250 ( 19, Bi woman / Lenexa, KS )

    maybe a beach or something like that, somewhere where i can see them laughing, having a good time, and their beutiful smile:)

  • Try2try ( 27, Bi-curious couple / Troutdale, OR )

    TEXTme before come or drive out 5038888193,

  • vixeninheels ( 45, Bi woman / Sault Sainte Marie, MI )

    Drinks and get to know each other

  • blues123 ( 32, Bi-curious couple / Toronto, ON )


  • hlulu40 ( 42, Bi-curious woman / Lakeland, FL )

    Hlulu2016 i like to shoot pool and bowl watch movies thays

  • Aerosmith1976 ( 41, Bi man / Guilford, CT )

    A night at my Church The Jehovahs Witnesses I used to be a active unbaptized member but fell away i like their doctrine but not their stance on Homosexuallity

  • Luckyscrew ( 58, Bi man / Regina, SK )

    Get together and play with each other , mutual sucking.

  • bookcatdog ( 38, Bi couple / Walsenburg, CO )

    Nice eyes love me and my husband love good homemade food like go for walk and like be with good lovers

  • Juxtaflowz ( 29, Bi man / Chicago, IL )

    A play, an open mic, a playwrighting workshop, homemade meals and friends, sharing desires destinies, reading what the stars have fated for us, training for a telepathic marathon

  • Sculpitect ( 26, Bi man / London, England - London )

    We go to a maze, you go in on your own and get lost, if you find your way back to me then we are married in my culture.

  • lifestyletravele ( 45, Bi-curious man / Helsinki, Uusimaa )

    As for the nature of my love relationship lifestyle, i may suggest you first to contact me by private message and then in order to get to know each other, before we agree on any date.

  • kentuckybabe ( 22, Bi woman / Richmond, KY )

    I am not a picky girl. The simplest things satisfy me, as long as you can tlk to me