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  • Jenn_teel1 ( 40, Bi woman / Morrison, IL )

    Dosn't have to be dates just hang out with me and my kid and do the things we both like to do!

  • luvlistnr ( 37, Bi man / Las Vegas, NV )

    Talk and walk at a park,than a movie and since I'm in vegas.. A walk on the boardwalk and watch the water shows:). And of course dinner and breakfast:) didinner,lunchdbreakfast

  • blue_dolphin06 ( 34, Bi woman / Wichita Falls, TX )

    going to the movies, the park on the trails, to dinner, or to the plex.

  • abceasyas123 ( 39, Bi-curious woman / Santa Monica, CA )

    Let's message here a bit, then meet in person for some sight seeing so we can get to know each other.

  • ladyblueeyes ( 33, Bi-curious woman / Tillsonburg, ON )

    First a nice dinner somewhere quiet where we can talk and get to know one another...then maybe a stroll along the beach, watch the sun set over the water.

  • keithie2012 ( 48, Bi-curious couple / Southside, WV )

    like to meet and talk and see where it goes frok there

  • robertstrap ( 38, Bi-curious man / West Palm Beach, FL )

    A walk on the ocean shore talking and getting to know each ither. Then going for drinks

  • Wanttotryitnow ( 59, Bi-curious man / Kearney, MO )

    Lets just do what we want to do !

  • ChrysalisJade ( 27, Bi woman / Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC )

    Probably something that we both haven't done before; try something new, that way if one of us messes up we can just laugh about it. We can also relate and learn together, teamwork. I'm open for any type of date, whether...  read more >>

  • lusiouslynnie ( 33, Bi woman / Van Buren, AR )

    well we would have a dinner with my husband of course with candle light and supper cooked after the inital meal of course we would all get to talking and getting to know each other. we would play poker and watch a movie...  read more >>

  • mini561 ( 39, Bi woman / Wellington, FL )

    Have a nice conversation on the phone n get to know u better.

  • LexxLuthar ( 35, Bi man / Sacramento, CA )

    It really shouldn't cost anything and should be more like a hangout to see if we get along naturally, then if we do, we can plan for a date

  • dpark89 ( 46, Bi man / Saint Louis, MO )

    Jumping in the sack, getting it on ,lots of sex

  • Stillcraving ( 59, Bi man / Midland, MI )

    The best date for me is a day trip,fishing,hiking,biking or just a long walk. Maybe a picnic around 20 after 4. Hopfully nature will take it's coarse and we will enjoy each other into the evening.

  • prolaser ( 63, Bi-curious man / Pretoria, Free State )

    have a week-end get away to a game lodge or holiday resort for some nice quite time and good company