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  • _Andi_ ( 28, Bi-curious woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    We can grab some tea or coffee and explore the city together 🙂

  • gusgrunter70 ( 48, Bi man / Austin, TX )

    My first date idea is to have a coffee and have a nice talk. Discover things about one another and see what can happen afterwards. No big deal. Just a coffee afternoon or perhaps a tea time.

  • marriedLA ( 53, Bi couple / West Hollywood, CA )

    An early evening snack and cocktail at a nice outdoor cafe ( ideally in the summer in either Amsterdam or Paris)

  • ladykiller041219 ( 47, Bi woman / Leigh, England - Greater Manchester )

    I would like to go for coffee first put each other at ease as we both bound to be nervous then decide what to do next together if that's what we want.

  • nhtdkj ( 49, Bi man / Christchurch, England - Hampshire )

    would like to meet you in Christchurch in dorset for a cuppa and a chat there is some very nice looking young femail waitress who works there and they are sexy

  • BisexualFun3 ( 53, Bi couple / Grand Junction, CO )

    Just a nice dinner or coffee and good conversation, see if there is chemistry

  • SensualSubbie2 ( 63, Bi woman / Lebanon, PA )

    I'd love to just meet at a restaurant for either lunch or dinner and chat!

  • nmh_x50 ( 57, Bi man / Minneapolis, MN )

    Just hanging out, nothing fancy, getting to know each other

  • aristavi ( 20, Bi man / Kamloops, BC )

    Something nice and casual in a public environment. Maybe go for coffee/tea/other hot beverage and have a nice chat. If things are going well, maybe get some dinner.

  • Sunny_Day ( 51, Bi woman / Alexandria, VA )

    Our first date would be a simple meet and greet at coffee shop that was convenient to the both of us. Where... we just talked and talked and talked....and then agreed to a second date, which would be dinner and a chick f...  read more >>

  • alixbrian10919 ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Jersey City, NJ )

    I mean just getting to know someone in any way is a pleasure!

  • lukemichael ( 28, Bi-curious man / Westerville, OH )

    For a first date, mostly I would just like to get to know you. We could have coffee, learn about each other a little bit, and decide together what else we might want to spend time doing.

  • Eros_42 ( 56, Bi-curious man / Stockholms Lan )

    Fun... I think it's easy and best at a coffee where it's not loud music, no alcohol and we can take a walk after or before. It's a first impression that should be too long.

  • i_am_kitkat ( 27, Bi woman / Pasadena, CA )

    Have a coffee or tea. I prefer an informal first meeting.

  • CouriousCouple96 ( 23, Bi-curious couple / Cranbourne, Victoria )

    have a few drinks, chill and get to know everyone.