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  • Brat29 ( 33, Bi woman / Indianapolis, IN )

    It's strange to me, that errand dating is even a category option! - I've never heard of it so, forgive me if I'm misunderstanding what it is.- That's frickin' GREAT! We can be responsible while being irresponsible at the...  read more >>

  • beautifulgirl92 ( 40, Bi woman / Bromley, England - London )

    Not really something I want to remember

  • Chrissys_mom ( 25, Bi woman / Plainville, MA )

    just a chat and a meeting with my daughter and me and you.

  • PEWitcher ( 43, Bi woman / Montreal, QC )

    Let's get to know each other first, then we will find something to our preference.

  • TayBaby72 ( 25, Bi woman / Buckeye, AZ )

    we walk in circles, we dont have any "set" plans, why plan life, when you can just live it as the clock ticks..we stop and grub, laugh and get to know each other, we stop and shop here, get a little friendly, m...  read more >>

  • alex1204 ( 40, Bi man / Montreal, QC )

    Meet in my hotel or in you place and relax, massage and go with the flow I love to be su.. many times and sometime with no reciprocity.

  • sumsum84 ( 33, Bi-curious woman / München, Bayern )

    Im Olympia Park in München spazieren gehen

  • Haris3 ( 35, Bi man / Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    nett leute kennen zu lernen und ich wisse nicht, was muss ich schreiben. Ist besser frag mir

  • ineeditbad ( 41, Bi-curious man / Fort Lupton, CO )

    having ablast. sex rite away. im desprate

  • poka_dot_chic ( 48, Bi woman / Terrell, NC )

    Just wana have some girl,girl adult fun. Now! U & me?

  • Ken4201 ( 42, Bi man / Edison, NJ )

    I really don't have any ideas on where to meet. I'm open to suggestions though.

  • budsy7 ( 57, Bi-curious man / Dunfermline, Scotland - Fife )

    How about meeting me in a nice cafe / restaurant somewhere then see how we get along and i shall like the idea of sex..But personnel hygiene is a must for me xx

  • 1finemess1 ( 48, Bi-curious couple / Lafayette, LA )

    We would like to do something quick and everyday at first meet, then plan on getting together at a later time if we're all attracted. No pushy crap, no drama, and no embarassment if someone doesn't click. Nothing persona...  read more >>

  • helloluv1978 ( 39, Bi woman / Indianapolis, IN )

    Good first dates are in a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk and let loose.

  • doctorsigmax ( 39, Bi man / Caracas, Distrito Federal )

    I prefer walking and talking. Anywhere, with few people around.