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  • View author's info ( 32, Bi-curious man / Nigeria )

    Lovely,Blissful and breath taking

  • View author's info ( 39, Bi woman / Raleigh, NC )

    Talking. Definitely talking on a first date. And definitely in a public place. Too many psychos out there.

  • View author's info ( 40, Bi man / Milwaukee, WI )

    Like to got dancing to the movie. in out to eat

  • View author's info ( 40, Bi woman / Avondale, AZ )

    I am always up for a casual drink. I also love shows and plays and musicals. Then dinner, always dinner after. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they order and eat and drink.

  • View author's info ( 64, Bi-curious couple / Richmond, IN )

    go down to the wildwood Inn Kentucky Florence Kentucky have a nice time

  • View author's info ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Indiana, PA )

    A nice tim out for a dinner or movie or both is great for me

  • View author's info ( 30, Bi-curious woman / Belgrade )

    Going out for a drink then see an artistic exhibition, talk about philosophy, going out to the park or walking beside water.

  • View author's info ( 40, Bi woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    The perfect first date would be dinner and a Broadway show, comedy show or a poetry slam.

  • View author's info ( 43, Bi woman / Toronto, ON )

    Going for dinner then watching a broadway show and then walking in the park and then perhaps catch a night cap a sidewalk cafe.

  • View author's info ( 27, Bi woman / Danville, IL )

    I don't have a typical dream first date. I just want to be spontaneous, and have fun doing it, I love the element of surprise.

  • View author's info ( 30, Bi man / Atlanta, GA )

    Shall we dine at an underground restaurant ran by a famous chef can we walk the highline

  • View author's info ( 38, Bi couple / Indianapolis, IN )

    You can say. ... or we can lead the way

  • View author's info ( 30, Bi woman / Arlington Heights, IL )

    I love the idea of dinner and then a movie.

  • View author's info ( 26, Bi woman / Norristown, PA )

    club, open mic night maybe... recite some of my favorite poems I've written. show off a little bit. yanno.

  • View author's info ( 24, Bi-curious man / Buffalo, NY )

    Grab some coffee at Starbucks, then go see a show