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  • justinman09 ( 28, Bi-curious man / Wayne, MI )

    doing somthing you like anything is ok with me

  • BJsluvum ( 57, Bi-curious man / Manawa, WI )

    Would like to meet half way coffee shop tTalk about our common idea's see if we click, have same thing in mind maybe discuss next date,what were both into etc....

  • Cali23 ( 34, Bi-curious couple / Saint Augustine, FL )

    I love to cook! So our First date with some one would be at my home or a restaurant. Feeding people and being in the kitchen just really puts me in a great mood!. Relaxed atmosphere, great company and great food.

  • CandyCouple ( 42, Bi couple / Edmonton, AB )

    Hmmm our first date.... How about coffee to see if we click? I'm very selective as should you be, if we're a match then let's take it to the next step. We can do brunch or dinner, check out a movie or just hang out. Once...  read more >>

  • Amy1555 ( 42, Bi couple / Tucson, AZ )

    I would love to go to my favorite resturant and have a nice dinner and drink!

  • bi4biwomen ( 47, Bi woman / Black River Falls, WI )

    How about lunch or dinner or a cup of coffee or a drink?

  • AButtercup ( 53, Bi woman / Mount Juliet, TN )

    Any thing can be a first date. My ideal would be someplace relaxing where we could just talk and get to know one another. Yeah that sounds boring but its realistic.

  • xxxandu ( 26, Bi-curious man / Bacau, Bacau )

    to go somewhere far on an island. on a sunny beach and have an wonderful romantic time

  • peterpin ( 56, Bi man / Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv )

    Shall we go fine-dining, and fine-"wine"ing, and fun knowing each other?

  • Ester1 ( 39, Bi woman / Hobart, Tasmania )

    To sit down and chat over some good food and vino, somewhere cool and comfy where we can chat the night away or maybe venture out afterwards for some serious drinks and dancing ;)

  • AriTony ( 37, Bi man / San Diego, CA )

    I'd love to do an activity that involves my date and I to have to work together, like cooking. Here I can gauge someone's personality by how well they cooperate and manage tasks in a two-person group. I think it will def...  read more >>

  • DavidinMB ( 56, Bi couple / North Myrtle Beach, SC )

    Anna and I have fantasized that we meet our date in an ocean front bar for drinks and conversation. We visually explore our new friend as he likewise examines his prey. Our conversation is light yet jovial as we explore...  read more >>

  • singsongsingle ( 29, Bi-curious woman / Berea, OH )

    Well I love to check out new restaurants, cafes, bars, anything with food and or drink! Live music is always a plus! Barnes and Noble book browsing, walk in the metro parks. Ice skating, the ZOO

  • Cocple4sxyfem ( 36, Bi-curious couple / Arvada, CO )

    A great night out getting to know each other over some great food and drinks. Then onto dancing and hopefully ending up back at our place or yours for an exciting close to the evening.

  • Athenadess ( 40, Bi-curious woman / Madison, WI )

    Something where we can get to know one another like a nice meal, quick coffee, a local event of similar interest.