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  • gothicbiwomen28 ( 29, Bi woman / Austin, TX )

    We either meet or I'll pick you up, Greet ourselves to each other, I'll hand you flowers or Candy's whatever you like. Well grab our tickets and seats and just chat a bit with each other till the movie begins.

  • jellow ( 50, Bi woman / Bristol, IN )

    movie a walk to get to know each eather

  • BiExplore ( 49, Bi-curious man / Winnipeg, MB )

    Something entertaining without the horror!

  • reader13 ( 25, Bi-curious woman / Saskatoon, SK )

    My ideal first date would be dinner and a movie, I'm not picky where the meal is just as long as it's good I am not a salad girl. As for the movie whatever is playing, I tend to stray towards horror unless there's a Marv...  read more >>

  • lilkitten90 ( 27, Bi woman / Trevorton, PA )

    my ideal date is going out to dinner then maybe a movie

  • Adorableness ( 20, Bi woman / Swan River, MB )

    Horror movies! Or a comedy!

  • ozzman069 ( 52, Bi-curious man / Phelan, CA )

    I going to movies tomorrow and seeing the" Counjuring 2"

  • karen897 ( 44, Bi woman / Baltimore, MD )

    love to watch movies at home.

  • Lea2016 ( 28, Bi woman / Haleyville, AL )

    We would go to the movies and watch a romantic movie while watching the movie we would be holding hands then from there after the movie is over we would go outside and take a walk or go to the park And lay on a blanket a...  read more >>

  • AlexiaMarie ( 37, Bi-curious woman / Norwich, England - Norfolk )

    I have always liked going to the cinema as a fallback first date idea. It is safe and fun. That probably sounds bad, sorry. I love movies. It's a good start because it takes the pressure off a bit. I'm not great at start...  read more >>

  • Shell4201979 ( 38, Bi-curious couple / Fort Worth, TX )

    The drive in movies I think are an awesome first date environment. There's privacy a bit and yet u r out being sociable as eell. Don't forget the BUD!!!!!

  • Tailaf ( 23, Bi woman / Midlothian, VA )

    I mean, I would def say a nice movie and dinner and then you could be my dessert 😊

  • Gaboose ( 23, Bi woman / West Coast, South Island )

    I guess a first good date would be going to the movies or to a cafe or out to dinner. It'd be a great first impression.

  • Ic30724 ( 20, Bi-curious man / Columbus, OH )

    Nice movie and fun afterwards.

  • Persephone13 ( 23, Bi woman / Chester, VT )

    Going to the movies and getting ice cream afterwards while we discuss the movie.