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  • BiCurArmyWife ( 31, Bi woman / Angola, NY )

    We love to dance and have a good time, it would be ideal.

  • pamelarobin ( 28, Bi woman / Palo Alto, CA )

    May we get to know you at a bistro table for three over delicious cuisine and flowing libations? Relax into the witty charm of a man and the sensual flirtations of a woman in the city of love, San Francisco.

  • flirtygirl72 ( 45, Bi couple / West Covina, CA )

    i like to met for lunch or tea. something sweet and short so we both have an exit.. lol

  • purpleplayboi ( 26, Bi woman / Carriere, MS )

    different strokes for different folks, i hate these types of questions lol. Anyway maybe talk over some drinks, getting to know eachother and then goin out on the dance floor.

  • ldub316 ( 28, Bi-curious woman / Philadelphia, PA )

    Not big on dinner. Let's hit the bar or a club. I love to dance!

  • patriotic91 ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Springfield, OH )

    got to the club and act a fool

  • T2bi1curious ( 45, Bi man / Mechanicsville, MD )

    IT would be goin to a {GAY & LESBIAN CLUB for MEN, LADIES THAT accepts ( bi-ladies & men ) ALSO !! I LOVE TO DANCE & I'M GOOD AT IT TOO !!! SO ANY BI-LADIES & BI-MEN & BI-COUPLES that is where I would go on my first IDEA...  read more >>

  • Sweetaholic22 ( 29, Bi-curious woman / Detroit, MI )

    Going out for a dinner, then the night in the city followed by dancing :-)

  • Kristy828 ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Clearfield, UT )

    Go out to eat. talk get to know each other a little. then go dancing or on a walk just have fun then maybe get some dessert

  • sweet_nevaeh ( 31, Bi woman / Bridgeport, CT )

    I'd like to go out to dinner & a movie maybe, or go out to the club instead .. I'm really down to do whatever basically, well just about everything but sex on the first date lol

  • Letstry21 ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Calgary, AB )

    Going out for a night on the town, dress. Dancing, then maybe later getting down and dirty?

  • sweet1977 ( 40, Bi woman / Port Richey, FL )

    Dinner, maybe grab a few drinks at a beach club and do some dancing!! Sounds yummy

  • Lara8J ( 41, Bi woman / Escondido, CA )

    drinking and dancing the night away

  • Godess ( 41, Bi couple / Elkins, WV )

    Dinner and a night out for drinks.

  • JayRio ( 34, Bi woman / Bronx, NY )

    My ideal first date would be to do something fun or adventurous something so I can see they person be silly and playful cause life itself is too serious to want to be uptight and in a scenerio that is quiet so you'll get...  read more >>