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  • Ashleybaby89 ( 28, Bi woman / New Haven, CT )

    I wouldn't mind meeting having lunch or dinner so we can talk and see where things go from or walk and talk park.or if u have plans

  • longnight ( 37, Bi-curious couple / Wadesboro, NC )

    Dinner so we see if it's a match for all of us.

  • SEXYDEVIL69 ( 38, Bi woman / Jacksonville, FL )

    Dinner. Maybe a movie. And just hangout together and get to know each other.

  • sthorpe ( 38, Bi woman / Wellington, FL )

    Dinner and drinks at a place we can talk to get to know each other and see what kind of friends we would want to be.

  • barbie23 ( 33, Bi-curious couple / Sparta, TN )

    To have a nice dinner and to have conversations.

  • Babymatt33 ( 35, Bi-curious couple / Davenport, FL )

    Meat for diner and talk get to know everyone

  • KimmyanJamie ( 32, Bi-curious couple / Cramerton, NC )

    My boyfriend and I would like to treat you to dinner and drinks at your choice of venues and after dinner there is most definitely dessert!!!!

  • Eshafreeky ( 38, Bi woman / Buffalo, NY )

    Something simple dinner get to know each other make sure that this is what we want

  • JbeastD ( 38, Bi couple / Doylestown, PA )

    A couple bottles of wine to ease the tensions, lots of talking n joking around. See who will cave into flirting first bc flirting is the most fun. Tease to see how far we'll go to make u happy.

  • Gorgeousb85 ( 33, Bi woman / Wichita, KS )

    Nice dinner and a movie...just something cool

  • mudd34 ( 25, Bi-curious couple / Augusta, GA )

    Something calm soothing where we can mingle and enjoy time together

  • straleyad ( 29, Bi couple / Edinburg, PA )

    Getting knew each other over dinner and a movie

  • rockrgirl23 ( 25, Bi-curious couple / Middletown, OH )

    Go to dinner and a movie maybe take a walk or go to the bar anything the girl wants to do we r done we have our own car so we can do Wat ever she is down for

  • MyRose26 ( 32, Bi woman / Malaysia )

    We would like to meet that lucky woman at a nice restaurant where we can get to know each other better and have some nice dinner and few drinks. Just to make ourselves comfortable n more chillax.

  • Stardalite ( 41, Bi woman / Hawley, PA )

    Nice walk followed by dinner and a few drink with a good movie in our bed to end the night