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  • Isidoro_machorro ( 23, Bi man / Everett, WA )

    We order our lunch and drinks then we get to know each and see where it goes from there

  • Hutchison ( 30, Bi couple / Flowery Branch, GA )

    Just a meet and greet to get to know the person/people and establish if we are attracted to one another and would be willing to participate in the ways desired so we are all on the same page.

  • johnboy44 ( 39, Bi man / Schenectady, NY )

    Id first get something to drink.find something to chat about.then hope we hit it off to start a good friendship .or if not maybe the one i meet may have a friend interested

  • skyy333_ ( 28, Bi woman / Ottawa, ON )

    Gym, Bowling, pool, dancing or we could just get sushi to break the ice? ;-)

  • sensuallovin69 ( 30, Bi couple / Rexford, MT )

    A non intimidating atmosphere. where you can start by creating a friendship first.

  • MistiBlu313 ( 40, Bi couple / Detroit, MI )

    It would be nice to meet for lunch somewhere for the first face to face meeting.

  • LovelyLady ( 48, Bi-curious woman / South Africa )

    Begin met n gesels en kuier en soos die aand loop kan dinge ook vorder en hang af waar ons ontmoet.

  • ben7319 ( 27, Bi man / Durham, NC )

    Meet at a nice lunch spot and see if the chemistry is there.

  • sweetpuffs90 ( 27, Bi-curious couple / Newalla, OK )

    Casual lunch nothin too serious just hanging out and enjoying good conversation and good food

  • BlaineGame ( 24, Bi-curious man / Wilmington, NC )

    I love Panera Bread. It's one of my favorite restaurants.

  • ak_guy2010 ( 45, Bi man / Mesa, AZ )

    For a first date, I think meeting for lunch or Starbucks would be great. We could go see a movie too.

  • ashash6194 ( 23, Bi-curious woman / Port Royal, PA )

    something casual. im not picky. either a fast food resturant or make something at home

  • itsme1892 ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Hialeah, FL )

    It gives you a chance to get to know the other person. And if you guys aren't feeling it, it's only lunch you can part ways with out it being awkward or ruining the night.

  • Rickim ( 48, Bi-curious couple / Mount Vernon, NY )

    Easier to meet during the day if possible... lunch, coffee.... need to have open and honest communication.

  • sexybabe9 ( 22, Bi woman / Germantown, MD )

    sucked he was gross and chopped my bangs off