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  • toriii7 ( 21, Bi-curious woman / Princeton, NJ )

    Coffee or lunch so we can get to know each other better unless we hit it off right away and are on a one track mind

  • Ebonni1958 ( 60, Bi woman / Chicago, IL )

    We can meet at a mutual restaurant to get acquainted .

  • nicole121 ( 24, Bi woman / Mc Kenzie, TN )

    a lunch date then a nice romantic evening

  • MiaDuplon ( 37, Bi couple / Las Vegas, NV )

    A nice lunch to meet face to face and talk a little more on a personal note

  • thebadkitty72 ( 46, Bi woman / Gatesville, TX )

    Well I wouldn't consider meeting a person a first date. Meeting a person, and chatting for up to a couple of hours just about life and experiences. Maybe a first kiss, but nothing further. The first date would be upon wa...  read more >>

  • Moon16 ( 21, Bi woman / Manning, SC )

    Lunch at a nice restaurant it doesn't have to be too fancy. I'll be to busy focusing on you to care where we're at. Being together is all that matters.

  • curbi694u2 ( 50, Bi-curious man / Vian, OK )

    Have a open mind. Love sex.And be a lil Kinky.

  • Isidoro_machorro ( 23, Bi man / Everett, WA )

    We order our lunch and drinks then we get to know each and see where it goes from there

  • Hutchison ( 30, Bi couple / Flowery Branch, GA )

    Just a meet and greet to get to know the person/people and establish if we are attracted to one another and would be willing to participate in the ways desired so we are all on the same page.

  • johnboy44 ( 39, Bi man / Schenectady, NY )

    Id first get something to drink.find something to chat about.then hope we hit it off to start a good friendship .or if not maybe the one i meet may have a friend interested

  • skyy333_ ( 28, Bi woman / Ottawa, ON )

    Gym, Bowling, pool, dancing or we could just get sushi to break the ice? ;-)

  • sensuallovin69 ( 31, Bi couple / Rexford, MT )

    A non intimidating atmosphere. where you can start by creating a friendship first.

  • MistiBlu313 ( 40, Bi couple / Detroit, MI )

    It would be nice to meet for lunch somewhere for the first face to face meeting.

  • LovelyLady ( 48, Bi-curious woman / South Africa )

    Begin met n gesels en kuier en soos die aand loop kan dinge ook vorder en hang af waar ons ontmoet.

  • ben7319 ( 27, Bi man / Durham, NC )

    Meet at a nice lunch spot and see if the chemistry is there.