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  • angelia36 ( 42, Bi woman / New Albany, IN )

    Meeting for a nice the park.dinner movies

  • lexi_love ( 24, Bi woman / Coloma, MI )

    taking a walk on the beach, later setting up a blanket on the beach and enjoying a picnic while getting to know eachother. then we'll watch the sun set, ill set up a few candles and we'll just lay in eachothers arms and...  read more >>

  • fireworks74 ( 35, Bi couple / Pekin, IL )

    Dinner anywhere... picnic when its warmer. a arcade? a movie?

  • bottomboy2008 ( 64, Bi man / Burlington, VT )

    Something quiet and intimate where we cansee if we spark

  • Lucedelcielo ( 39, Bi woman / Oklahoma City, OK )

    I am open what ever we both decide to do.

  • jokernamy28 ( 32, Bi couple / Beaumont, TX )

    We do not believe in running straight to the bedroom. We are more interested in figuring out how your mind works. So, for a first date, we will probably go out to a park or a small bar, have a few drinks and talk the nig...  read more >>

  • DSmalls ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Santa Rosa, CA )

    Never been on a first date. Lets talk about it once it comes up. Never expect anything.

  • arin21 ( 41, Bi woman / Florence, SC )

    Us three go to the beach for the weekend and a long walk on the beach

  • angellover2012 ( 30, Bi woman / Maiden, NC )

    Going out to eat, maybe the movies, going to the park

  • kizzybear ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )

    open to suggestions. Would enjoy going to the movies or out for a meal.

  • ParaJohnMedic ( 30, Bi-curious couple / Cromwell, KY )

    My first date idea could be any number of things. Mainly we would like to start out with a dinner at a sit in restraunt to get to know each other better. Then a trip to the zoo, a movie and/or bowling. Or surprise us.

  • Simmie ( 24, Bi woman / Detroit, MI )

    Haven't had one yet. I just hadn't met the right one. I am looking and hope I'll find.

  • kimy1997 ( 41, / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    I would like to go to a lake or the beach on my first date

  • kate0505 ( 49, Bi-curious woman / Jacksonville, FL )

    On the beach.Or spontaneous road trip with an accidental meeting.

  • elysenpk ( 31, Bi woman / Myrtle Beach, SC )

    Depends on who I find and what they enjoy in life.