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  • tiffandevan ( 26, Bi woman / Woodlawn, IL )

    a dinner and a movie or a long walk on the beach

  • jojo3674 ( 40, Bi-curious woman / Minneapolis, MN )

    Goto a Yoga class or workout, have a great wine date and then watch a movie or just chat! My one weakness...fireplaces!

  • alexisann ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Ann Arbor, MI )

    go to a park, get 420 friendly, watch a sunset then come back to the bedroom

  • kaoskid ( 39, Bi man / Flint, MI )

    I was thinking we could take a short walk on a long pier. It's safer that way.

  • shaybear ( 24, Bi couple / Tulsa, OK )

    my first date would be awesome if someone took me to just hang out somehwere anf get to know each other and maybe to eat or go to a movie.

  • love_20 ( 24, Bi man / Los Angeles, CA )

    A good first day for me is going to the park and hanging out.

  • ThistleNeko ( 28, Bi woman / North Platte, NE )

    You can really get to know someone while walking in the beautiful country of Wyoming. My second choice would be one of the museums.

  • venusbabyslave69 ( 51, Bi woman / Carolina Beach, NC )

    take a sunset walk on beach..then sit on my rpof deck and get to know each other

  • ChocThunnda86 ( 32, Bi woman / Atlanta, GA )

    Walking downtown just having a good conversation getting to know one another is perfect for a first date.

  • misspetite ( 41, Bi-curious woman / Bournemouth, England - Hampshire )

    Lots of chatting and getting to know each other..

  • kolshawn26 ( 32, Bi woman / Memphis, TN )

    I mostly like mi date 2 decide Bt I mostly like bst is jst sit around kickn it n Gtn 2 knw each otha beta

  • william30728 ( 30, Bi-curious man / La Fayette, GA )

    Out to eat and a movie or just hang out at my house or yours

  • Kamijedi ( 32, Bi-curious man / Helena, MT )

    A hike in the woods or chill'n at the lake. Or a glass of whiskey and a beautiful scenery

  • percievemetru ( 36, Bi woman / Montclair, CA )

    Would probably be a picnic to get to know each other better .

  • Metalchips ( 35, Bi man / Wood River, IL )

    Dinner and movie can be boring. My date suggestion would have to be either a hike in the woods or taking our bicycles out and go riding.