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  • Smartymarty ( 57, Bi-curious woman / York, PA )

    Meet for lunch to see if its a good fit

  • eve_monze ( 20, Bi woman / Gainesville, GA )

    have a picnic in the park, then go walk around or go anywhere my date would like to go.

  • Ira1021 ( 19, Bi man / Creighton, NE )

    We could have lunch go back to my place and do a little sex action if you want

  • magpat ( 46, Bi couple / Swansea, Wales - Glamorgan )

    A light lunch where we can get to know each other. Followed by hot fun. It's really not that complicated..

  • Hot9in4u ( 65, Bi man / Post Falls, ID )

    I would like to go somewhere quiet so we could talk and get to know each other. We can talk while having lunch. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Cocoa32016 ( 37, Bi-curious woman / Covington, GA )

    Lunch with alot of conversing.

  • Semistraight1 ( 45, Bi-curious man / Harrisburg, PA )

    Meet-n-Greet at a public place for lunch and discus what we like.

  • tiara424 ( 24, Bi woman / Henderson, NV )

    A nice lunch to get to know one another better

  • hellokitty279 ( 53, Bi woman / Melbourne, FL )

    would love to meet for lunch , for a bite to eat and drinks and get to know each other later hang out on the beach later under the stars and see where I chemistry leads us

  • senorhoneybadger ( 20, Bi man / Westminster, CO )

    i've always pictures the first date being able to meet up for lunch, wherever we both liked the food, and just talk, get to know each other, and overall enjoy each others company

  • MelindaLou ( 35, Bi woman / Valrico, FL )


  • DeeDosha ( 37, Bi woman / Mansfield, OH )

    Going out for drinks and shoot poool

  • PinkiFreaki ( 25, Bi-curious woman / Los Angeles, CA )

    wait n see

  • MsSugar ( 59, Bi woman / Trenton, NJ )

    We would meet at a resturant,and maybe have some lunch and a couple of drinks

  • FoxyLady782 ( 35, Bi-curious woman / Brighton, CO )

    I want to sit down and have lunch or maybe meet for coffee and see how it goes from there.:)