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  • LetsBeLovers ( 55, Bi man / Santa Rosa, CA )

    On a backpacking trip along the Lost Coast, we build a wind shelter from drift wood As the fire burns low I sense your sexual tension, and I move close to you, your lips, and as your breathe short and tight morphs into a...  read more >>

  • nocolnewbie ( 51, Bi-curious man / Longmont, CO )

    I would like to first meet at a place where we can hike or walk. I enjoy the exercise and being outside. Also, it's an atmosphere where we can talk openly rather than some coffee shop where people at the next table can h...  read more >>

  • DuncanP ( 33, Bi man / Denver, CO )

    Let's go for a walk around the block and chat it up, motion gets the mind moving. Ingress agents are a big plus.

  • Shayena ( 53, Bi-curious woman / Rapperswil, Zurich )

    I enjoy to meet someone who also enjoy to move at the lake on a sunny summer day.

  • NerdyMJ ( 28, Bi woman / Frankfort, NY )

    Anywhere we can just talk and get to know each other.

  • rb0001 ( 34, Bi-curious man / Ajax, ON )

    Casual walk through the woods, some nice scenery, away from noise to get a chance to talk more without distractions

  • brittlealemm ( 25, Bi couple / Albany, LA )

    beach !!!!

  • UKguyholland ( 33, Bi-curious man / Amsterdam, Noord-Holland )

    Would love a long walk in the forest holding hands, me teasing you as we walk and to find a clearing where we can make love as we find out more about each other and to let me please you in nature.

  • acuriousguy0331 ( 63, Bi man / Oakland, CA )

    Let's go to Mt. Tamalpais, either on foot or on bicycle, followed by a leisurely brunch in Sausalito or back in the East Bay. The first date will be enjoying conversation and engaging in conversation.

  • InTheWater ( 46, Bi man / Ithaca, NY )

    Taking a walk somewhere would be a nice intro. Maybe in nature. I have some spots I really like.

  • amtznk ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Wahiawa, HI )

    Crouching Lion for the sunrise

  • hotcple24 ( 26, Bi couple / Durham, NC )

    Climbing date! or hiking, something active and outdoors :)

  • MrsBobbi1004 ( 29, Bi couple / North Las Vegas, NV )

    Drive up in to the mountains, find a trail that leads to a cool body of water, go for a quick dip, then enjoy a picnic in the woods while we dry off in the warm sun, and enjoy being away from the city.

  • markus2016 ( 55, Bi-curious man / Champlin, MN )

    Enjoy having fun outdoors....

  • acmkpb ( 28, Bi-curious couple / Springfield, IL )

    A nice walk with nice scenery. Time spent getting to know each other