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  • natel396 ( 21, Bi-curious man / Kelso, WA )

    Just want to be able to have a conversation with my date don't care where we go.

  • mischiefnyou ( 59, Bi woman / Baltimore, MD )

    I don't really date. First meeting is to see if we can be friends and to verify what the other lady wants. Then we take it from there. I'm experienced and flexible. I have my wants and desires but have the ability to mat...  read more >>

  • emoemo00 ( 26, Bi man / Grand Prairie, TX )

    a walk on the park picknic watch sun set then come to my house for a swim and come to my room for snacks and a movie then listine to music

  • bemyfirstwoman ( 42, Bi-curious woman / Richmond, IN )

    I would like to be our first meet & greet be in a less populated area so we can talk & get to know one another. Afterwards we can do whatever we feel the need or desire to do depending on how well our chemistry is with e...  read more >>

  • BigSweetie ( 28, Bi-curious woman / Carrollton, GA )

    Basically a cute lunch together on a public place to make sure neither of us are psycos

  • Angiecursed1129 ( 45, Bi woman / Ventura, CA )

    I would like to keep a first date very comfortable. Get to know each other face to face. Talk about what our intentions are, expectations, boundaries, what pleasures are desired. See if we are compatible. Peek interest...  read more >>

  • EternalLovers ( 33, Bi couple / Clinton, IN )

    Lunch an then maybe a nice walk somewhere through the park.

  • ilikec ( 22, Bi couple / Mount Gilead, OH )

    We will eat your pussy out. ;-)

  • luve190 ( 48, Bi woman / Washington, DC )

    any restaurant on U St. so many to choose from

  • shybabygirl91 ( 26, Bi woman / York, PA )

    If your into Movies, Video Game's or Cosplaying. Maybe we can get something to eat and talk about Anime. That's a little of my ideal kind of a date.

  • lizmazz64 ( 53, Bi woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    My first date is meeting for lunch and just talking and getting to know one another

  • nyxsedi ( 22, Bi woman / Boulder City, NV )

    For a first date, I'd love to take someone out to lunch. It's cheap (since it's not serious yet and still a trial run) but it is a nice setting to sit down and talk about ourselves and find out each others likes and disl...  read more >>

  • openlymarriedbi ( 29, Bi woman / Grantsville, UT )

    would love to prepare you a delicious meal that we can pack and take to the reservoir that is 8 min away from my house and watch you relish every bite while catching some sun. go for a dip or drive up the canyon to take...  read more >>

  • me1967 ( 47, Bi-curious woman / Saint Louis, MO )

    I enjoy Italian quisine and all you can eat Chinese buffets.

  • jroxfox ( 43, Bi woman / Manchaca, TX )

    Definitely lunch! Austin has so many great restaurants:)