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  • JayZeids ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Oxford, CT )

    I like things outdoors or just general low-awkward. Random, long walks with no destination and just conversation, coffee, picnics, live bands - I don't care. Just something where we can talk and chill and have a relaxing...  read more >>

  • FizzStorm ( 49, Bi couple / Faringdon, England - Berkshire )

    would you like to chill with me

  • mick8787 ( 30, Bi man / Australia )

    Don't no all on the person i guess i you no what i mean

  • Nyght22 ( 31, Bi couple / Milwaukee, WI )

    If you're interested we could go to the bar and get to know each other or catch a movie together and see how much we have in common.

  • matciruos ( 38, Bi couple / Chesapeake, VA )

    Some where public and see where it goes

  • Raylilo ( 24, Bi couple / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    Probably beside the river just talking things out getting to know the person/people better

  • manuel_5martinez ( 34, Bi woman / Roswell, NM )

    my idea of a date is a nice dinner and a movie and then going for a walk in the park just talk and have a good time during dinner and a movie

  • sexyblacc ( 33, Bi man / Compton, CA )

    I just want things to go as plan and I just won't to be chilling and thete nothing that we can't do I'm just up and ready to meet cool people

  • KayleyEST19XX ( 23, Bi woman / Chandler, AZ )

    Just to have a good time with my date. It doesn't really matter what we're going to do just as long as we have a good time.

  • koalabean ( 52, Bi woman / Neptune, NJ )

    Would like to go somewhere to talk and get to know each other.

  • wantsbitime ( 52, Bi-curious man / Horseheads, NY )

    Getting to know each other and what we could like to try and maybe somthing from their

  • blkgryphon1 ( 33, Bi woman / Southfield, MI )

    going to a coffie shop to chat...maybe go library at the zoo

  • VivatiousVirgo ( 40, Bi woman / AR )

    My ideal first date would consist of jus simply hangin out. It may be going to a movie or simply chillin over one of our houses. Simply put tryin to get to know each other on a different level. Maybe have a couple drinks...  read more >>

  • billclinton ( 49, Bi-curious man / Junction City, OR )

    a first date could be anything but i would prefer lots of talking , not a loud bar, something neutral like mini-golf or the art walk.

  • geosteve45 ( 48, Bi couple / Rotherham, England - South Yorkshire )

    Be great to meet and know you , may be go for a drink / meal . Think its better to know some one a little more first . And as you know some one more things can / do get better ;-)