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  • billclinton ( 49, Bi-curious man / Junction City, OR )

    a first date could be anything but i would prefer lots of talking , not a loud bar, something neutral like mini-golf or the art walk.

  • geosteve45 ( 49, Bi couple / Rotherham, England - South Yorkshire )

    Be great to meet and know you , may be go for a drink / meal . Think its better to know some one a little more first . And as you know some one more things can / do get better ;-)

  • kauanoe0422 ( 36, Bi-curious woman / Carson City, NV )

    I don't like the usual dinner & a movie, so how's about a picnic after hiking? Somewhere near a waterfall on a semi-hot day?

  • combatkcombatkat ( 50, Bi woman / Kirkcaldy, Scotland - Fife )

    something a little crazy or different from the normal

  • bobbieanderson ( 31, Bi woman / Paducah, KY )

    Sitting at home watching movie

  • shygirl2k12 ( 25, Bi woman / Houston, TX )

    not really a date.but hang out do something cool what eachother like

  • Muppet2012 ( 28, Bi woman / Crittenden, KY )

    Going to the moives and hanging out or going out to eat and then hanging out

  • briiii_ ( 25, Bi woman / Wichita, KS )

    I want to do something random. Go for a walk and take pictures. Be crazy. Simple is okay too. Dinner & drinks and a movie. (:

  • sexxiiness89 ( 29, Bi woman / Alexandria, LA )

    I would like to hang out with a very outgoing person and get to know each other while having fun

  • bridgetd ( 24, Bi woman / San Antonio, TX )

    Nowhere to fancy. I would love to go to art museum and have a beautiful picnic by the lake.

  • nichole13 ( 24, Bi woman / Kansas, OK )

    a movie, and dinner. maybe a picnic in the park. or even a trip to a amusement park. if the timing is right maybe the Muskogee Castle for the Ren. Fen. Yes Ladies I'm a nerd about the medieval times.

  • salcurious ( 72, Bi-curious man / Palm Springs, CA )

    Meet, guy, gal, or couple, and if like each other and feel comfortable, go to a nice place and start playing.

  • dough_girl123 ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Something fun...evening eat/ movies/ nighttime/ club or party my place I'm 420 friendly

  • dirkzhbi ( 41, Bi man / Netherlands )

    Eerst mailen en daarna samen kijken waar en wanneer.

  • missmellie ( 24, Bi woman / Australia )

    We woul hang out at a theme park or whatever suits dnt bother me