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  • Pinkstar2000 ( 39, Bi-curious woman / Marietta, GA )

    Walkn through a park just feeling each other out listen to each other.Holding hands langhn running playing, just having lot's of FUNN:)

  • xdaneilx90 ( 27, Bi man / Section, AL )

    dont have one but i wld love one oh so get at me ppl

  • DerbyKitty ( 41, Bi woman / Louisville, KY )

    I think an ideal date would be a walk in a riverside park, I'll make a meal and bring wine.

  • Wolfmaster112 ( 24, Bi man / Joshua Tree, CA )

    Honestly I've never been able to think of a good first date. so my answer ATM is going to be Surprise me

  • lookingforlove10 ( 24, Bi woman / San Luis Obispo, CA )

    walking on the beach during sunset

  • gr33kman ( 25, Bi-curious man / Charlottesville, VA )

    dinner and a movie at my place. We'll take a walk around my fields and talk to get to know each other

  • vampirekit ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Louisville, KY )

    walking in the park with a picnic.

  • maribella1228 ( 34, Bi woman / Bronx, NY )

    go for a nice walk at central park to get to know one another.

  • Paris108 ( 29, Bi woman / Clarksville, TN )

    Walk at the riverwalk getting to know each other

  • kay427 ( 26, Bi woman / Wheaton, IL )

    My idea of a first date is anything from coffee to playing a sport but really something where I can get to know you better u get?

  • kaylina ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Manchester, MI )

    im very romantic, and i live in a fantasty world :P

  • KISSme1974 ( 43, Bi woman / Hughson, CA )

    i would like to sit and chat over a cup of coffee to see if we click and if we do then we go from there or maybe going for a walk in the park just getting to know each other

  • nobodysgirl ( 58, Bi-curious woman / Portland, OR )

    I haven't gone on an actual date in forever. Forgive me, I'm rusty. Honestly, I'd invite you to meet me and do some scavenging. We'll get dirty, so might want to go for a soak after, or duck into a tea/coffee house and g...  read more >>

  • knewton7588 ( 30, Bi-curious couple / Scottsburg, IN )

    We think the perfect date would be a nice night with a casual dinner and maybe a weekend of getting to know eachother on the lake or on a hikng trip that we all would like and agree on together. We dont expect or want an...  read more >>

  • Talaya ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Louisville, KY )

    A movie, cuddling in sofa then kissing