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  • Yellowpolkadots ( 25, Bi-curious woman / Bronx, NY )

    We can grab something to eat or maybe go bowling. Something simple.

  • blue_rose2302 ( 39, Bi-curious woman / Dallas, TX )

    We just talk or discuss about our hobbies. I don't need more surprised . Plus, if you don't mind , I go with my boyfriend.

  • love33tw ( 37, Bi woman / Clarion, IA )

    Have some lunch talk and get to know each other at any new restaurant or cafe or whatever. I like trying new things. Then we go from there.

  • Hillary2000 ( 44, Bi couple / Shermans Dale, PA )

    I would like to go out to lunch or dinner and get to know you better.

  • NotAllBad ( 51, Bi-curious couple / Cheltenham, England - Gloucestershire )

    Just something simple to see how things go

  • HauteDee ( 52, Bi-curious woman / Brentwood, TN )

    Lunch or dinner, good conversation would be nice. Being compatible is important

  • Maria65 ( 52, Bi woman / Andover, England - Hampshire )

    Would like to start off having a chat. Then maybe meet for a lunchtime or early evening drink. Maybe meet for something to eat. Get to know each other a little bit

  • sweetwoman81 ( 36, Bi-curious woman / Overland Park, KS )

    So we can chat to get to know each other better.

  • Chelmarine ( 22, Bi woman / Southampton, PA )

    My ideal date would begin with lunch together, picnic in the park. Later which we then explore and maybe have some exhibitionist fun in the wood if you are into that sort of thing.

  • AnarchBunny ( 22, Bi woman / Alpharetta, GA )

    I would take her out to the mall for lunch on the weekend (: We could go wreak havoc in Hot Topic and Spencer's, and just laugh like crazy girls. xD

  • Lindi79 ( 46, Bi woman / Ottawa, ON )

    lunch on a sunny patio at the beach.

  • KYChris ( 23, Bi man / Covington, KY )

    I'm up for either lunch, or dinner. Reds games, sporting events, movies, or whatever you suggest

  • inspiredbydesire ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Flemington, NJ )

    something casual like a coffee date is cool with me

  • calibbwgreeneyes ( 36, Bi woman / Farmersville, CA )

    Cafe or lunch it will be fun...

  • pinkmiss1 ( 34, Bi woman / Parkville, MD )

    Up for discussion but I'm norm a go with the flow girl