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  • Lookinforher2424 ( 39, Bi-curious couple / Willmar, MN )

    I would like for us to go for lunch an thn gt to knwin each other ! An if we all decid to do it thn my place it is

  • mnk2013 ( 26, Bi couple / Remington, IN )

    We would sit down for lunch leave our daughter at home with a babysitter and talk about what we want for the future.

  • Maggiemaaar ( 39, Bi woman / South Africa )

    Nice obvious n out some wer like at e bitch....

  • jennell557 ( 41, Bi woman / Cleveland, OH )

    this may sound corny but I love making things with my hands so I probably would like the person to make pottery with me I like making candles with whip nice fragrance ..

  • fatima2001 ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    For my first date I would love it to be at a shopping mall. We can watch a movie go to a restaurant go shopping nd have fun

  • mzkrazy ( 46, Bi woman / East Chicago, IN )

    Maybe go sum where so we can b alone and get to knw each other more and maybe have a lunxh and a cocktail.

  • bonniesnclyde007 ( 27, Bi woman / Marshall, VA )

    I would love for you my husband and I to all get to know each other. I want to know your likes and dis likes what fancies you and makes you feel wanted and desired.

  • Marie38 ( 42, Bi woman / Searcy, AR )

    Meet somewhere public the first time so we can both be at ease. A restaurant, bar, shopping center. Spend time talking. See if a friendship develops.

  • Yellowpolkadots ( 26, Bi-curious woman / Bronx, NY )

    We can grab something to eat or maybe go bowling. Something simple.

  • blue_rose2302 ( 39, Bi-curious woman / Dallas, TX )

    We just talk or discuss about our hobbies. I don't need more surprised . Plus, if you don't mind , I go with my boyfriend.

  • love33tw ( 37, Bi woman / Clarion, IA )

    Have some lunch talk and get to know each other at any new restaurant or cafe or whatever. I like trying new things. Then we go from there.

  • Hillary2000 ( 44, Bi couple / Shermans Dale, PA )

    I would like to go out to lunch or dinner and get to know you better.

  • NotAllBad ( 51, Bi-curious couple / Cheltenham, England - Gloucestershire )

    Just something simple to see how things go

  • HauteDee ( 52, Bi-curious woman / Brentwood, TN )

    Lunch or dinner, good conversation would be nice. Being compatible is important

  • Maria65 ( 53, Bi woman / Andover, England - Hampshire )

    Would like to start off having a chat. Then maybe meet for a lunchtime or early evening drink. Maybe meet for something to eat. Get to know each other a little bit