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  • Jand_I_88 ( 24, Bi-curious couple / Fairport, NY )

    music is a great date and can provoke feelings that can lead to an even better after party

  • StacyWilderness ( 58, Bi woman / Eden Prairie, MN )

    I'm an extremely good blues harmonica musician so I'd like to go out and play some blues, playing music is a big part of my life, even if I don't really make any money at it -I'm transgender (pre-op or no-op, I haven't d...  read more >>

  • Twoheadedgirlpt3 ( 23, Bi woman / Tulsa, OK )

    I think this depends on the individual's personality and what they would prefer. For me personally, I love concerts and festivals. Hookah bars, lounges, parks and cafés are always nice as well. I do some photography, an...  read more >>

  • tearinaoak ( 38, Bi-curious couple / Muldrow, OK )

    Just going out somewhere and having a nice dinner drinks and dancing and getting to know eachother.

  • Blueeyes6915 ( 38, Bi woman / Mooreville, MS )

    Not looking to date but we do go out of time sometimes

  • arceye ( 41, Bi-curious man / feilding, Manawatu-Wanganui )

    A couple drinks some good music and great chat a bit of flirting some touching and a great time

  • funbiman97 ( 54, Bi man / Onyx, CA )

    Play by ear . go with flow have fun respect and at least do some kissing

  • Jayivy25 ( 21, Bi man / Stockton, CA )

    Grabbing a coffee and talking at Starbucks

  • marihorror ( 21, Bi woman / Renton, WA )

    I'm a shameless music nut so just going out and listening (and mashing?) to a band would be great.

  • casperswift ( 25, Bi woman / Munford, TN )

    Id love to take a girl out to see a concert & maybe even grab some dinner at her choice.

  • xxn3xxx ( 23, Bi couple / Middletown, PA )

    A night out listening to live music at the Champ, maybe some food and vinyl to boot, and who knows what can happen.

  • ReDragon73 ( 44, Bi-curious couple / McLoud, OK )

    Since we don't get to go out very often bc of kids, we would probably want to grab a few drinks and get to know each other in a relaxed location.

  • andibusz ( 23, Bi man / South Gate, CA )

    took her to see a show n got nasty in public

  • CutieBooty4u ( 27, Bi couple / Richmond Hill, GA )

    It does not matter what you do it matters who you do it with ;-)

  • thecaptain ( 32, Bi man / Farmington, MO )

    Blues and beer? Sounds like a plan to me!