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  • Imagine66 ( 38, Bi woman / Houston, TX )

    Lock in with you my husband and fk all night long. I have enough to make sure that you are not going anywhere else t

  • Darkstar711 ( 42, Bi-curious man / Akron, OH )

    The park. Coffee shop. Somewhere that we can ask each other any and everything without interruption.

  • Tasty_24 ( 27, Bi woman / Saginaw, MI )

    Sit back chill late dinner you know the rest.

  • mandeelu ( 40, Bi woman / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    First date would need to be some place quiet... To allow for conversation. A picnic in a park or at the beach... A quiet café... A hike into the woods with our cameras around our necks... A place free to giggle out loud...  read more >>

  • lisajean ( 47, Bi-curious woman / Wadsworth, OH )

    Nothing huge..picnic. Bonfire..lay out under the stars & talk..

  • babycakes1982 ( 35, Bi-curious woman / Nuneaton, England - Warwickshire )

    Cant wait to hook up

  • Cum2us ( 29, Bi couple / Livonia, MI )

    Going out to dinner, and then a nice night walk just chatting and getting to know each other.

  • annsteve69 ( 40, Bi-curious couple / Indianapolis, IN )

    Asking questions finding out out about each other is the best to start off so that everyone will have an understanding. And we all know what we like or dislike.. so that everyone is comfertable at hand..

  • playaprincess ( 43, Bi-curious woman / Brooksville, FL )

    Walking on the beach, movie, dinner, cuddeling watching the sun set.

  • Wantunonlyu ( 29, Bi woman / Oakland, CA )

    What ever I'm not picky we can do what ever u a never no what we a do on first date cause we haven't got there yet lol

  • Kingtiny ( 48, Bi couple / Bogota, NJ )

    Good food.... Mellow drinks.... Great conversation... With EXCELLENT music as the soundtrack to a great evening.

  • Nerdycouple82 ( 35, Bi couple / Worcester, NY )

    Bofire or BBQ camping or movie night plus popcorn

  • Ashlea623 ( 26, Bi woman / Buffalo, NY )

    Shakespeare in the park, or day movie and lunch. Park gallery. Parking by the water and just talking. I know it's only fashion and corny but it's classic and I think small things and gestures mean the most i...  read more >>

  • XtessX ( 24, Bi woman / Dundee, IL )

    Hmmm... Really depends on what she likes! Could be anything. A nice dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, movies and pizza, paintball, I'm up for anything!

  • DereknDenise ( 38, Bi couple / Vancouver, WA )

    Anything is possible. We like movies, dinner, drinks and social settings. Sightseeing and hiking too.