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  • SissyC ( 28, Bi-curious woman / Sale, England - Greater Manchester )

    dinner.. have chat .. know each other

  • acdc67 ( 37, Bi-curious man / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Chilled out restaurant to set the mood for the evening;-)

  • Bscn86 ( 31, Bi couple / Twin Lakes, WI )

    casual dinner and drinks :)

  • amandanjay ( 38, Bi-curious couple / Southington, CT )

    Coffee, a drink at the bar of a nice restaurant, dinner, flirt, comedy show, host a nice hotel room, laugh more, chill, and see what the night brings.

  • Jp5146 ( 44, Bi woman / Jennings, OK )

    Going to eat and drink and then maybe we can hang out and talk about what we are looking for in a friend if it's possible to be more with me and my husband

  • Redeyesmagickat ( 25, Bi couple / Henrico, VA )

    Dinner out to the local sushi restaurant served with a nice bottle of wine, followed by dessert and a long, slow, walk through nature rounded out with gazing at stars on a grassy field.

  • nashcple ( 50, Bi couple / La Vergne, TN )

    Want to get to know you and see what happens.

  • TJ1100 ( 47, Bi man / Dauphin, MB )

    nice dinner , movie romance candle light

  • TwoPlay4U ( 35, Bi couple / Cumming, GA )

    Moonlit patio, conversation, drinks and dinner...

  • Highway9 ( 50, Bi man / Dallas, TX )

    Dinner, movie then, if all goes well…hit the bedroom

  • LorynLamar ( 34, Bi couple / Duncanville, TX )

    We all go out for dinner and drinks and get to know each other.

  • CynSational1950 ( 68, Bi woman / Bakersfield, CA )

    I'd like to go to lunch or a nice quiet dinner and then come back to my place for more time getting to know each other. We need to see if we're compatible before we plan other fun outings.

  • Loveoralbehavior ( 37, Bi-curious couple / White Sulphur Springs, WV )

    Like to go out and eat dinner and maybe to a local bar for a few drinks and we could see from there

  • AlabamaPretty ( 42, Bi woman / Saint Augustine, FL )

    I would love to meet my sexy friend in a nice place where we could have drinks, maybe go dancing and see how it all feels!

  • Leanja ( 26, Bi-curious couple / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    How about we have dinner at red lobster or restaurant of choice. Then we go have a drink and maybe if the night is still young we can go back to my place