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  • Markie2016 ( 32, Bi-curious couple / Pompano Beach, FL )

    Everything going out shopping and having lunch or dinner. Just being friends who love to have fun and travel.

  • GeorgiaGirl34 ( 35, Bi woman / Oxford, GA )

    I Love Chinese Food.

  • mrwillbidelights ( 71, Bi man / Tucson, AZ )

    Good food and conversation

  • playtime4215 ( 45, Bi woman / Southport, Queensland )

    I'd enjoy either a home cooked lunch or dinner or to meet somewhere for a nibble and converse.

  • KevonRoseboro ( 20, Bi man / Gastonia, NC )

    Let me touch ur butt in public if u don't mind

  • Blue_eyes0909 ( 45, Bi woman / Glastonbury, CT )

    Lunch or dinner to get to know each other would be great!

  • Ryan_Miller ( 31, Bi man / Marysville, OH )

    Something with a nice couple just fun discreet laid back I'm pretty much open to anything

  • GoneDiving ( 48, Bi man / Seminole, FL )

    Lunch, coffee or a drink out somewhere. Something easy / no pressure. ;)

  • sueandsir ( 46, Bi-curious couple / Chapel Hill, NC )

    First time meetings would be lunch or dinner, or possibly at a park if the weather is nice.

  • guitarplayer67 ( 50, Bi-curious man / Austin, TX )

    Nice lunch or maybe coffee or tea somewhere quite so we can talk and get to know each other

  • Davooch2000 ( 22, Bi man / Olive Branch, MS )

    We should get a bite to eat and get to know each other.

  • RoseWarner ( 25, Bi woman / Lamesa, TX )

    We go see a movie in the morning and then have a nice lunch, maybe just wander around town, or the mall. Something lighthearted is less intimidating.

  • Couldbefunffm ( 32, Bi-curious couple / Washington, MI )

    Just want to talk and get to know each other

  • Teamnorton ( 45, Bi couple / Friendswood, TX )

    After a few online exchanges, if everyone involved is ready to take the next step forward, we would like to have a quiet lunch and few drinks to break the ice and the nervousness.

  • singlebaby ( 23, Bi woman / Phillipsburg, NJ )

    We would go to a nice lunch with candles around the table then go for a nice night strole in the park.