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  • rayraybaby ( 27, Bi woman / Kiln, MS )

    jus hanging out talking gettin to know each other better to see if we are gunna be able to be friends or not

  • Dongoodmouth ( 48, Bi-curious couple / North York, ON )

    a nice date with a lot of flirt, massage,and????

  • Playfully_Simple ( 30, Bi woman / Silverdale, WA )

    Dates are usually my thing...but if I had to choose a would have to be something easy going. I tend to be shy at first.

  • RaeRae007 ( 50, Bi woman / Tulsa, OK )

    Take a boat straight out in the middle of the water until you can't see land. Turn off the motor, drift, put some great music on, have some food, wine, make crazy, wild love, fall asleep drifting, listening to the water...  read more >>

  • hblanc ( 26, Bi man / New York, NY )

    Normal date - talk, hang, and determine for another 2nd time.

  • FunFlirty ( 31, Bi woman / Columbia, MO )

    I love food and would love to share a first with someone else and see how adventurous you are! I love coffee as well and ideally I don't care what or where the date takes place as long as I'm enjoying the company of the...  read more >>

  • Lola414 ( 54, Bi-curious woman / San Leandro, CA )

    Totally up to us,,,, Let's talk and we'll figure out the rest,,,,

  • Plainskeeper29 ( 62, Bi-curious man / Salina, KS )

    My first date idea would be to meet either at a coffee shop, restaraunt, Bar & Grill, for some great conversation and laughter along with getting aquainted. Hopefully attaining a comfort level to move forward into a deep...  read more >>

  • marilana ( 33, Bi couple / Phoenix, AZ )

    go out to a pub/ bar and grill get drinks and food maybe a coffee house

  • Anastazha ( 33, Bi woman / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )

    I don't really have an ideal first date, but Culinary Adventures just sounds awesome. I do like going for a meal as part of a first date though - going to the movies or a theatre is too impersonal for me. You don't reall...  read more >>

  • nijipotamus ( 32, Bi man / Santa Rosa Beach, FL )

    Let's make a nice meal or dessert together and converse in your (or my) kitchen. You really learn about each other when you cook with someone, it is crazy amazing.

  • Erinkitty ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Helena, GA )

    Take me to a suprise place or somewhere i never been. Staying home watchin a movie is fine. Either way i'm not picky

  • lvorl69 ( 58, Bi man / Kodiak, AK )

    Quiet place for dinner and drinks.

  • 19Trapper69 ( 49, Bi-curious man / Golfito, Puntarenas )

    I take you out and show you how a real man treats a precious woman.

  • JanieJones ( 31, Bi woman / Escondido, CA )

    Dinner and drinks; go for a hike. I'm down for anything as long as it isn't in a cramped noisy place like a club.