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  • Loveoralbehavior ( 37, Bi-curious couple / White Sulphur Springs, WV )

    Like to go out and eat dinner and maybe to a local bar for a few drinks and we could see from there

  • AlabamaPretty ( 42, Bi woman / Saint Augustine, FL )

    I would love to meet my sexy friend in a nice place where we could have drinks, maybe go dancing and see how it all feels!

  • Leanja ( 26, Bi-curious couple / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    How about we have dinner at red lobster or restaurant of choice. Then we go have a drink and maybe if the night is still young we can go back to my place

  • 101sharlou ( 37, Bi woman / Luton, England - Bedfordshire )

    Somewhere not too loud to start with so conversation is possible. Somewhere that serves alcohol to help with the dutch courage/nerves. Pub, club, picnic, festival, whatever floats your boat.

  • kaemak ( 40, Bi-curious woman / Washington, DC )

    I'm a foodie, and I enjoy movies and love to hang out and do whatever..

  • bicouple8088 ( 38, Bi couple / North Vernon, IN )

    We would love to go to dinner and get to know the person a few times before we do anything or make it official

  • want2share ( 36, Bi-curious woman / Graceville, FL )

    Would love to meet for dinner and drinks .. Get to know each Job, hobbies, personal interests and goals.. Just basic small talk.. See if we hit it off and possibly could have something here...

  • janijari ( 24, Bi woman / Worcester, MA )

    Just surprise me and make it memorable and special. I'm a simple girl, its the little things that count.

  • Nieko8956 ( 46, Bi-curious man / Jackson, MI )

    Get to know each other and know what they are wanting. And see what happens.

  • GixxRGrl ( 40, Bi woman / Fort Worth, TX )

    For food or drinks at a restaurant

  • JDCrow ( 40, Bi woman / Tracy, CA )

    We would like to meet for dinner and drinks to get to know each other.

  • Jen18Tweety ( 37, Bi woman / Toledo, OH )

    I would like to go out to dinner followed by a movie or else a nice walk on the beach that might turn into something more than that on the beach (if u know what I mean) wink wink!

  • Jade37 ( 49, Bi woman / Orlando, FL )

    Candel Light Dinner and then a nice walk.To get to know you and also great Conversation,

  • bobbalouie ( 58, Bi man / Lincoln, NE )

    A nice dinner, either out or at my or your place. Movie: either out or at my or your place.

  • Sweet130 ( 34, Bi-curious woman / Bronx, NY )

    trying to get to know u!