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    Hi first post, and I need a little help. I have a bisexual friend, I'm 24 he's 23. I've known him about 10 years now, and we've always been like brothers. Here's the situation, I've always been bi, but I've never told him. He recently told me he's bi-curious, and that he's had a couple of encounters with other men before. He was drunk when he told me this. I wanted to tell him that I'm also bi, but I didn't know where to begin since he seemed very confused. I want to be friends with benefits, but I don't know how I should begin since he's confused about his own sexuality. How do I help him accept his sexuality, and begin a sexual relationship with him?
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    When you are drinking together again, you could always use the line, "I don't know if it's the booze talking, but I remember when you told me you were bi-curious. Well, you know what? I think you're so hot that it makes me bi-curious too."
    It's just a way to let him know you are interested. Good luck.