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    Hello ladies! Lynn here (the wife). My husband is away at work a lot and only comes home about 1 week a month, sometimes time between him coming home is longer depending on work circumstances.
    We (I) am looking for a bi female to be with. I would like to find friendship, companionship, someone to enjoy going out to do things with, and have a sexual relationship with.
    I need someone who is open to having 3somes with my husband and I every now and then, but not often. The relationship will be mostly with me due to him being gone so much and I will not be with another male.
     It gets lonely a lot and it would be nice to have someone to talk to and share laughs with and common interests. I would like someone who is okay with children because we have a 4 year old daughter and another child on the way. So, she needs to be okay with going to the lake or something with a child in tow.
    If one is open to this sort of thing, then we ask that she not sleep with any males because we are afraid of stds and the like.
    We are from South Carolina, so it would be great if someone from there or charlotte, nc (or nearby the area) is willing to make a new friend with benefits.
    We just ask no drugs,no stds and no drama. We are fairly open minded people and enjoy different views and opinions of others. Just be yourself and we can see how it goes. We are strong in our relationship and happy together, so those who intend to attempt to get inbetween us to take him for herself will be in for a rude awakening because it will fail and the hubby will put an end to the relationship with her and not allow her to be involved.
    So, please be honest and no false intentions. Just be able to enjoy company and enjoy being with a female.
    I look forward to getting to know the ladies out there.
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    I like your pics as well, abd find you attractive. I'm originally from Florida and still have family down there. I just got back from Daytona beach last week from visiting my mom. What part of Florida do you live in? I've lived all over Seminole, Orange, citrus, and Volusia counties.

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    Looks like BiCupid may be dead in the water. My & my husband have had an account up for over a year & only got 4 views. A few days back, he sent out 180 winks....NONE were returned. I've contacted BiCupid to see what's wrong, but it isn't looking too good!
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    I know this is way late buy I think you laid down the rules pretty well. If I was closer I would definitely be interested as that sounds like the perfect friendship to me!!  But he, if you're ever in the Florida area...hit me up!!

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    Just letting you know doll, I think you did a great description of what you are looking for an what have you. Better than what I've come up with. Im new to this online dating thing myself. Specially asking for a female ya know. But in all retrospect you did great. Much love doll hope you get what your asking for. ; )
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    Okay. I have gotten no responses so far for my thread nor my profile. I cannot figure out what I am not doing right for this sort of thing. I am new to this with asking for females for myself mostly. I am beginning to think the subtle or nice and straightforward approach is not woring. So, I will try this differently. I am looking for a woman I can enjoy sexual relations with. I like to eat with the best of them. I also enjoy the company of others. If you are afraid to have another woman that truly enjoys going down on you then that is not my issue. If you want to turn your nose up just because I am married or have a child then that is on you, but I can tell you that you will miss out on what can be a great friendship and will miss out on having yourself pleasured as best as I can do it.
     If you want to leave advice on how to get better responses, great. If you want to make a new friend, great! At least say something when you read through this instead of being a snob. Just because you speak to me does not mean you are obligated to do anything with me.