Is a Bisexual dating site right for me? Bisexual questions

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    I'm hoping some folks could provide some feedback in regards to the question in the Topic Title.
    Let me start first with my issue, the dilemma will quickly become evident.
    I was born with Reifenstein Syndrome a form of A.I.S. (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome). The abridged version is simply that the body does not respond to testosterone properly and thus does not develop properly. The condition was not diagnosed at an early age, so I had many problems during puberty. Over 20 years ago with much discussion with doctors, it was felt that Gender Re-assignment surgery may provide a better quality of life for me. I lived 11 years as a woman, only to find it wasn't for me long term. I had no sexual desire to be with men. I still found women attractive and desired to be with them sexually. For others, this problem usually disappeared. I was not one of those lucky ones. I was also a very "stocky" woman, which did not appeal to me either. In 2005 I could not continue with the ruse anymore and decided to try to live as a male again. This also had many challenges that still are very difficult to circumvent. I take a truckload of testosterone to look as masculine as I do, and although I couldn't grow any serious facial hair if my life depended on it, I'm satisfied with how I look, and feel. The problem is of course is that I have no male genitalia. I have pseudo female genitalia, but not really the full deal. I look like a store mannequin when nude LOL. I could get surgery to alter things again, but it's very expensive, does not look esthetically appealing, nor does it function in any way, and has very large risks. In a nut shell, I'm a straight guy with ladies bits.
    Since Christian Mingle was ruled out for me, ha ha, I had to find another option. I thought that perhaps a bi-sexual woman may be more in order, if only because she would not freak out completely at the concept and leave me hurt, or worse feeling unwanted. I signed up to BiCupid with this hope in mind and purchased a membership to give it a try. However, after reading other individuals posts, I'm beginning to question my theory. I believe that a bi-sexual woman wants to be with a real biological woman and not some hybrid such as myself. I'm extremely new to all this and very much out of my normal realm. I have lived all my life single and have never been in any serious relationship. I'm testing the waters for the first time in my life and really have no idea what to expect.
    Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Say what ever you wish, but please be considerate. Thanks, and Cheers.
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    Wow. Thank you for being so up front with your situation. Im sure that was not easy to put out there to the world. Its hard to say what dating site is good for anyone. It all comes down to chemistry between two peaple. A site like bicupid, up front, eliminates the awkward part of telling someone you want to meet or have met that you are sexually different. The hope would be is that the majority of peaple on the site are like minded and have enough in common with you to be interested in hooking up. The more different you are the lower the possabilitys of finding someone thats turned on by the same things you are. Having said that dont give up hope. The fact that you are able to reach out to so many peaple with just your keyboard increaces your chances from 0 to at least a possiblity. I wish you the best in your quest to find a mate.