Not sure if this is common Bisexual questions

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    I don't consider my self a Bi feemale but i find the idea of being with 2 bi guys totally hot. I've never had an experience and I fantsise a lot about having one with 2 bi guys. Is this normal?
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    It's somewhat common.  Not a majority for sure.  In my experience talking to other women on these topics, the non-bi women tend to be more into bi men or two men at once.  I've talked to many bi women who have the double standard and no interest in bi men...and some who would not date a bi about hypocrisy.


    One most recent was accepting of my past experiences and was willing to peg me if we met, but said she would never have another man in our bed (other women possible yes).

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    It's normal to have fantasized about sex with two males wether straight guys or bi guys


    I am a guy who enjoys sharing his wife\f2f with another male and have done both straight and bi 

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    Think its normal and it sounds like it could be fun.  I'm bi-curious and been thinking about going for it but it would be easier if there were three of us...anyone interested????