Finding Ms./Mr. BiRight? Bisexual troubles

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    I'm a bisexual male interested in having a LTR with a femal or male obviosuly being attracted to both.  I have no idea where to begin. So far all i have been meeting are straight women and gay men, neither of which seem to be ok with the fact that i am bisexual when it comes to discussing an LTR.  I just joined this site and am hopeful about the possibilities.  Are there any bi-experts who might e able to give me some tips on how to approach this dating situation? I am greatful for this site and others but would like to get away from relying on the internet to shape my social life. Thanks!
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    We are a couple right here lookin for some real fun!! Out here in Foley!!! Where u at my bisexual naughty man?!

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    I'm having a hard time finding anyone who seems serious about the whole thing. Most questions answered with an all of the above choice of answer. If you're looking for a bit guy, why list all the options? If you're looking for a FWB situation, why does the answer cover everything from casual to marriage? Why are profiles incomplete? Mine's not 100% but it's leaps and bounds more than most. I'm not a paying member yet, still finishing profile. But I have no idea if profiles are just halfhearted things posted months or years ago and never looked at again. Most people aren't going to jump into something blind, so why not complete everything and check back occasionally?

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    I'm finding it hard to find a bi man that wants to be a 4th.

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    Same here. It seems to be a common problem for us bisexual men.  People don't understand how hard it is to find a female that is bi and ok with that.


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    I'm kind of having the same issue. I guess what i'm looking for is a female and a male who will be okay with me having sex with the male and the female.. an MMF....really hard